9 Jun 2013

Super cheap OPI, Essie, Orly, China Glaze and Seche Vite haul

If you follow me on Instagram you might be sick of hearing about what I've been up to today, or you might be gagging for all the details, so here we go.  My two besties and I went out to a little nail shop we know in South East London to haul some seriously cheap nail polishes.  It's all older collection stuff but the prices are amazing, so we hauled like crazy.

Here's what we got between us, although we bought one each of a lot of the best colours!  

OPI polishes £5 each 

Teenage dream - Pirouette my whistle - Steady as she rose - Planks a lot

They also had some of the Holland and Euro Central collections in stock, but as a lot of those are on fragrancedirect.com for £3.99 I gave them a miss.  

Orly polishes £3.50 each (buy 5 get 1 free)

Prelude to a kiss - Shine on Crazy diamond - Butterflies - Atomic Splash

China Glaze £3 each (buy 5 get one free) 

Turned up turquoise - snow - something sweet - pelican gray 

Essie polishes £3.50 each (buy 10 get 1 free)

Baby cakes - Lapis of luxury - Vanity fairest - Bachelorette bash - Knockout pout - Turquoise & caicos - Raspberry - Lilacism

OPI avojuice hand and nail cream - £4

Large acetone - £3

Seche Vite professional kit - £14

Seche Vite topcoat - £3.50

Seche Clear base coat - £3.50

Shellac in Gotcha - £12

The Seche Vite professional kit includes a very large 118ml bottle of topcoat without a brush with a regular 14ml size full bottle and a little funnel so that you can decant.  This is amazing value as it's the equivalent of nine and a half bottles of topcoat for £14!

Do you think we bought enough Seche?!

The shop we go to is called Hollywood Nail Supply and it's in Peckham in South East London - nearest station is Peckham Rye.  They're not open on Saturdays.  

They have a website here - it's not great for checking their stock (it's not all on there), but you can find all their contact information.



  1. Wow! Love this, I remember reading a previous post you did on this particular shop and I've wanted to go ever since. Amazing deals & it's somewhere I will without a doubt be visiting this summer! xx

    1. It's a real Aladdin's cave! I always go back to stock up on Seche and see what new colours they have in xx

  2. You got some amazing bargains! x


  3. I love Hollywood Nails, I get all my Gelish from there! It's so cheap! Heaven!

    1. Ahh someone else who knows it! I've never bought the gellish but my friend said the Shellac was a really good deal xx

  4. WOW! amazing haul!! super jealous!! :)



  5. omg, his is incredible and ridiculously cheap

    1. I couldn't believe it the first time I heard about it! They have such a lot of choice too :)

  6. Pirouette My Whistle is one of my favourites! I love using it over one nail for an accent!

  7. OMG it looks like you found the mother land for nail polish, all those essie polishes are perfection. c:

    xo, Janiecy

  8. WOW super cheap prices, I've just ordered some Essie from www.fragrancedirect.co.uk for £1.99 each, they have some nice colours at the moment, I believe it’s the 2012 summer collection. I love the Seche Vite top coat, it's the bee's knees :-)

    Love Sarah

  9. Hey I just love your blog so much here's mine eshaparmar.blogspot.com xxx

  10. Wow you got some great polishes at good prices. I especially love the China glaze colour 'Butterflies' it looks like an unusual pink, one that I'd like to add to my collection.


  11. Wow I'm definitely going to check out this shop!! x


  12. I definitely need to go to this shop! x

  13. I live in South East London and just recently discovered this shop! Love it! Sometimes you need to search for things but it is well worth it!!!

  14. That sounds worthy of a trip to the SE!

    Victoria x
    Florence and Mary

  15. Wow - these are great value, especially the professional size SV! I get that size and it lasts me nearly a year :)

  16. I love all the polishes u got!!!! Do they sell recent collections? or just the old ones.

    1. It's a bit hit and miss. I went recently and they had a couple of Essie's from last year but no new China Glaze. I was really surprised to see some 2014 OPI polishes - that was the newest stuff they had - I spotted the full Brazil collection. I hope that helps :)


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