8 Jul 2013

bellápierre cosmetics - shimmer stack and bowtie smoky palette review

bellápierre cosmetics is a makeup brand I've not tried before.  It's a natural mineral makeup range, covering everything from foundation to nail polish.  I've been playing around with some of the prettiest products in the range - gorgeous shimmering eyeshadows and pigments.  

This trio palette from bellápierre is called bowtie smoky.  It has three perfect shades for that classic, dramatic smoky eye look that I'm forever trying to perfect without looking like I'm early for Halloween.  

Swatched these shades are deliciously smooth and buttery - no chunky glitter particles here - these give a solid wash of medium to full coverage, but they're creamy more than heavy and there's literally no fall out.  I like that this is a trio I could reach for knowing that all of the colours have been edited to work together so I could get a fool-proof (well almost) lid, crease and hi-light.  

The *bellápierre bowtie smoky palette costs £16 from lookfantastic.com - this palette also comes in a bronzey coloured version if you prefer warmer shades.

The second thing I was kindly sent is the bellápierre shimmer 9-stack in pandera.  My first thoughts on taking this out of the box was how crazy my 14 year-old self would have been for this.  Back in the day when I was just starting to experiment with make-up - I had a fixation with Barry M dazzle dusts, and was a lot more adventurous with colour I might add - this stack would have made all of my dreams come true.  

Even now I'm a bit older and wiser, and know that not every shade of the rainbow suits my colouring (and should not be plastered all over the face all at once), this stack still got me giddy with excitement.  Like a little makeup magpie I couldn't wait to start unstacking the colours and poking my fingers in them.  It was those over-excited little paws that caused this little accident when I originally set about photographing and swatching.  Luckily I managed to sweep most of the pigment back into the tub without wasting too much or making more mess!  

But anyway, those indoor photos just didn't do the shimmer stack justice, so on a lovely sunny afternoon I went outside and allowed it to glisten in all its glory.  

As you can see, all 9 colours come in a stacked tube attached together.  They don't have individual lids (other than at the top of the stack) as each colour screws in to the one above.  I stupidly started to think you needed to unscrew them all to use one, and that that would be a bit annoying, then I realised that of course you can just unscrew at the one you want to use - doh!  

bellápierre shimmer stacks come in several different colour ways.  This one is called Pandera and has a wide choice of bright but wearable, mostly cool-toned colours.  It also comes in Serenity which is an edit of mostly pinky and berry shades and Bella which has some gorgeous neutrals and more warm colours.  

In this set the champagne nude second on the left is my safety blanket favourite, and was the one I couldn't wait to wear on my eyes.  Surprisingly the greens in this collection also really take my fancy as they're very fresh and summery shades that aren't too bold or overwhelming.

As an eye shadow the shimmers apply smoothly and evenly and seem pretty crease resistant, although I always use a lid primer anyway.You have to apply carefully as obviously these are a loose powder, and you can see that's why my swatches aren't the neatest as I used fingers rather than a brush.  I double swiped all of these to give a true representation of the colour, but you can of course use less and get a more subtle wash with them.  They're ridiculously pigmented - it was actually quite difficult to remove all traces of them from my arm!

Reading the packaging these come in I was surprised to notice just how versatile the shimmers are.  I'd only thought about using these as wet or dry eyedhadows and maybe liners, but bellapierre also suggests you can use them as bronzer by mixing into moisturiser, on the lashes by adding to mascara, on the lips using a clear gloss, and even on nails combined with clear polish!  I'll have to give the nail polish one a try - I'm interested to see how that would work.

The *bellápierre shimmer 9-stack costs £47.99 from lookfantastic.com - not cheap, and more than I'd realised it would be.  Although, if you compare these to buying individual pigments from the likes of MAC, they're of course a whole lot cheaper.  You get a fair amount of product too - these will literally last me forever!

Have you tried anything from bellápierre?  



  1. Great post and the colours in the stack look really pretty. I have tried one BellaPierre eyshadow before in champagne gold colour and I like it but what puts me off this brand is the pushy sales people it employs. They are at two shopping centres near me and I generally walk as far from the counter as possible to avoid them. Its a shame as the products themselves seem quite nice.

  2. That shimmer stack looks sooo nice and it reminds me of the make up that came with Bratz dolls sometimes.



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