16 Jul 2013

Bumble and bumble mild marine seaweed shampoo and conditioner review

Do you ever notice how some brands don't seem to make a shampoo for your hair-type?  I guess it depends what hair-type you have.  I always list myself in the 'oily' camp (although really I'm oily roots and dry ends) and often can't find a shampoo on the shelf that seems to match.  I think some brands think it might be offensive to write 'oily' or 'greasy' on a bottle and that we won't buy it.  In reality, I'm always looking to try a new shampoo that might sort out my overzealous scalp, so stick the word 'oily' or perhaps even 'anti-grease ball' on a bottle and I'll buy it.  Brands take note.  

Bumble and bumble are one of those brands that don't appear to make a shampoo for those of us cursed with oily scalps, or do they?  A great greasy hair shampoo lurks in disguise in the form of Bumble's mild marine seaweed shampoo.  I'm not counting Sunday shampoo - which I love love love for my greasy locks - because it's only for once a week use - make an everyday version please Bumble! 

In the absence of a true oily hair shampoo, a mild shampoo is always a good choice.  This shampoo feels kind on my hair - it doesn't strip, it doesn't over-stimulate, it just gives me clean, 'normal' hair.  It doesn't give me clean hair for much more than 24 hours mind, but neither does any targeted 'oily hair' shampoo I've ever tried.  I feel like I'm giving my hair a little break when I use this shampoo - it's not trying to push and pull my hair into being anything it's not, it just lets it be and gives me hair that's not too slick, not too fly-away, just normal.  I think this is a nice go-to shampoo for me for in-between trying out other 'treatment' shampoos, which very depending on whether I'm trying to fix my oily roots or my dry ends, reaching for volume or caring for colour.  

The matching conditioner, although pleasant to use, is not quite rich enough for me.  The ends of my hair are really dry and damaged so I tend to opt for really quite intensive conditioners.  But, if you're one of those 'normal' hair people, you'd get along great with it I'm sure, you lucky bugger.  

Next on my Bumble must-try list are tonic shampoo - which could well be a greasy locks saviour in disguise - and the quenching or deeep hair masques. 


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  1. I'm definitely going to try out the shampoo - I really struggle with greasy roots, but I'm platinum blonde so I don't think the conditioner is for me. I need my deep conditioning treatments! Thanks for the tip :)


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