29 Jul 2013

Clayspray mattifying red clay mask and h20 spray review

When I first heard about Clayspray I thought it was actually a face mask you spray on, which would be a bit messy come to think of it.  It turns out it's a pump, not a spray, and you apply the mask with your hands, which is a lot more practical!  Clayspray uses pure and natural 100 million year old clay mined from the mountains of the Iberian Peninsula. The reason it comes in a spray pump is to keep the clay fresh and pure by ensuring it doesn't come into contact with the air until you're ready to use it.  

This is what the masks looks like when you pump a blob out.  You can control how much you pump at once depending on how much pressure you apply.  I needed about twice this much for my whole face.

Before you apply the mask you splash your face with mineral water - I'd assume any bottled water would do for this.  Or, like I've done, you can use the Clayspray hydrate H2O spray, which is a bit more convenient.  It's a lovely cooling water spray, so this is going straight in the fridge for me to cool down with in the hot weather as well as for using with this mask.  

I followed the instructions and applied quite a generous layer of the red clay mask, which resulted in me looking like I'd stuck my face into a chocolate pudding.  Mmmm.

It's the sort of mask which dries and hardens on the skin, and after about ten minutes it looked like this.  As you can see it changes to a paler colour as it dries.  I think how quickly it dries depends on the general about of moisture in the air around you.  Also I think I applied more in certain areas, like my forehead, so that dried more slowly.

After about 15 minutes the mask was dry and I allowed myself to have some fun cracking it by pulling lots of different facial expressions.  This is probably what I'll look like when I'm about eighty.

Because the mask is thick and a deep colour I expected it to be quite messy to take off, and it was.  It's not hard to remove though - as soon as you get it wet it returns to something more like its original texture.  I used a muslin cloth and lots of hot water to wash the mask off.  It took a little while because I'd used a thick layer, but once my face was all clear it felt really clean and fresh.

The mask was really good at drawing out impurities from my skin and it was left feeling really matte but not tight.  My skin felt a little bit sensitive around my cheeks for a bit after using the mask, but that may have been because I scrubbed a little too hard with my muslin cloth when taking the mask off.  

About an hour or so after using the mask and after moisturising my skin had gone back to normal with no redness and my enlarged pores were looking smaller and clearer too.  When I use this again I'll possibly concentrate it on my t-zone and that's where my skin is oiliest and where I can see the most benefits.  

You can pick up the *Clayspray mattifying red clay mask and the *Hydrate H2O spray from clayspray.com.  Clayspray also have masks for other skin types and surprisingly they do body and hair clay masks too.  I'm particularly interested in the deep cleansing hair mask which sounds perfect for over-oily scalps like mine.



  1. I've seen quite a bit about these mask recently. I'm really interested to try it. I just don't want it to dry out my skin. Sounds like it worked great for you though. Loving the pictures :) xxo

    The Edge of Beauty

    1. The last one is my favourite - I look ready for Halloween!

  2. Oh man, I thought they were spray on! I'm gutted now :(

  3. These look amazing, I havent seen it before. I am always looking for better face masks that arent just them little packets. Do you know if you can buy it in shops?

    1. I'm not sure of any highstreet shops but it's also sold on feelunique.com

  4. I assumed you spray it on your face as well i was getting a little excited but it would be very messy, this looks good always love trying out new face masks xx


  5. Look at that Purity shower gel collection, amazing! :) I use Glow and absolutely love it. It also smells divine!

    1. They're Philosophy - I'm a little obsessed with collecting them :)

  6. I really want to try this mask, it sounds great.

  7. Ohh this looks and sounds brilliant. I'm very much enjoying finding new face masks to try... I recently tried Quick Fix Facials, but this mask sounds like a fabulous one to try :)

    Jayne x



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