6 Jul 2013

My June beauty favourites

Finally Summer's here!  We didn't many proper summer's days in June, but I still noticed I was reaching for different products on the warmer days, gravitating towards brighter colours and lighter formulations.  I also took the opportunity to haul my favourites outside and made the most of the sunshine for photos.  I'm sick and tired of my white blogging background looking really grey in my blog photos - I think it's a combination of cheap camera and poor photographer - so I've gone for a patterned background and natural bright light here, and I think it's working quite well.

Angel by Victoria's Secret has been my most reached for scent this month.  It's quickly becoming one of my all-time favourites as I also carry a mini mist spray of this around with me in my handbag.  It's a lovely light and girlie summer scent.  

Bumble's hairdresser's invisible oil is a product I've literally used every day since I got it.  My hair's been looking slightly rough lately - I think from using a conditioner which isn't rich enough for my hair type - so this is absolutely essential to get my hair looking sleek.  It does a great job and I've even been skipping the ghds a lot lately.  The other product keeping my hair happy at the moment is the L'Oreal Casting Creme gloss hair colour in plum - I'm still enjoying my Ribena coloured hair and using this dye is like a lovely conditioning treatment which makes my hair feel nourished for a good few days after.  

My lips have been really played down lately - sometimes I just don't feel right in a heavy lipstick when the sun's shining.  I've got back into using MUA's sugar lips lip balm which gives a pretty pink sheen without being too 'done'.  And when I'm not using that it's been my favourite go-to neautral lip product, Maybelline color whisper in lust for blush.  I'm getting low on this so Maybelline really need to bring these out in the UK soon else I'll need to find another USA / UK swapping pal!  

I tried my first Jurlique products this month and I was most impressed by the gorgeous smelling herbal recovery antioxidant face oil which I've been slathering on at night-time, and the balancing day care cream which I'm finding is around about the perfect level of moisture for my skin on warmer days.  I'm planning to do a post on dealing with oily skin in summer soon to show you all of the products I've been using in an effort to keep things matte, and this day cream will be in there.  The MUA matte perfect primer is in my June favourites for the same reason - I really didn't expect much from a budget product like this, but it's a really good primer and I'll definitely buy it again.  

The skin on my cheeks is playing me up and the moment and being all bumpy and congested, so I feel a lot of my blushers only serve to hi-light the unevenness.  I don't like to go without blush though, so I've been mostly going for a subtle rosy pink flush with Tarte's amazonian clay blush in blissful.  I was originally a bit disappointed when I first tried this as the blush wasn't half as pigmented as I expected having bought into all of the hype, but right now that's the reason I'm getting so much use from it!

My most worn nail polish this month has been China Glaze something sweet - a sugary pale pink and girlie shade.  Either than or the ever faithful Barry M lychee.  My toes have been sporting a brighter pink hue - Barry M's gelly in grapefruit.  

Nivea's in shower body moisturiser deserves a mention as I really didn't rave enough about this when I first reviewed it.  It's only since I've finished the bottle and had to rush out and buy another that I realised just how much of a staple it's become in my routine and how I didn't want to be without it.  The fact that it's so quick and easy to use and barely adds another 30 seconds to your routine whilst leaving your skin nicely moisturised that clinches it for me.  

Lastly for my June favourites are two Nars products I decided to splash out on - I also bought Nars laguna bronzer which I'd been meaning to try for ages.  I think I'm getting to a stage now where I'm willing to splurge on a higher end product if I know it's going to deliver, and Nars' smudge-proof eyeshadow base and radiant creamy concealer have both met my expectations and then some.  To be fair, I expected to like them - they weren't spur of the moment purchases but considered buys after devouring several reviews on other blogs - oh the irony!

Right, I'm off for some sunbathing and a nobbly bobbly :)

Are any of these products your favourites too?



  1. I need to get my hands on China Glaze Something Sweet, it's absolutely gorgeous!
    Fab favourites post :D

    Mollie xo

  2. Really like the look of China Glaze Something Sweet. I love MUA's Sugar Lips. Raspberrykiss xo

  3. I really want to try the NARS concealer and the eyeshadow base, I've so many great things about both. c:

    xo.Janiecy.xo|A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    xo, Janiecy

  4. I really like the MUA Matte Perfect Face Primer - its not so great at making your face matte but its a great primer otherwise. I really want to try the Nars Concealers and the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes too

    Natalie xx

  5. I really want to try the Nars eyeshadow base but cannot justify the price, is it better than the Urban Decay Primer Potion? xox


    1. In my opinion yes. I bought this when UDPP stopped working for me - I have very oily lids!

  6. The MUA primer looks good! Xo

  7. I love the Maybelline colour whisper!!


  8. Definitely agree that the Nars eyeshadow primer is amazing. It's so worth the extra money.


  9. I really want to try some sinful colours polishes, but my local Boots doesn't stock them, typical! x



    1. I haven't tried any yet but they have some lovely looking colours and they're so cheap compared to what we pay for some brands!


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