7 Jul 2013

My ysl rouge volupte lipstick collection

Let's talk lipstick - posh, expensive, gorgeous lipstick.  YSL's rouge volupte has to be up there with the prettiest lipsticks in the universe.  Before I owned a rouge volupte, I ached for one.  I know, how pathetic.  The rouge volupte packaging may be gaudy and over the top, but it's also ladylike, luxe and iconic all at the same time, and I just love it.  

After experiencing my first rouge volupte, I was somewhat relieved to discover that the beautiful  and alluring packaging wasn't all a front and a ploy to get me to buy a mediocre (or even crap) lipstick.  No no, the rouge volupte can put its money where your mouth is when it comes to both colour and formula - just as well considering it'll set you back £24.50.  

Nude beige (or shade 1) was my first rouge volupte purchase, and it's a bit of a holy grail lipstick in my book.  So much so that I bought one for each of my besties.  We have an in-joke that when you get this lipstick out to apply it, angels start singing - try it, it's true.  Nude beige is my perfect nude - it's a warm, pink nude and is far from a 'concealer lips' shade on me thank goodness.  It slicks on all creamy and confident with an amazing opacity for a nude shade.

My second rouge volutpe purchase was a short-lived dalliance with faubourg peach (shade 30).  I ordered online without swatching - silly me - and the pretty peach just didn't suit me at all.  It was too bright and too orange for my colouring.  After waving faubourg peach off to a happier home in a blog sale it was time for a rebound affair with fetish pink (shade 8).  Fetish pink is a bright and in-your-face cool pink with a blue undertone.  It's a real happy colour for me and I love wearing it on dull days for an unexpected colour pop without worrying my teeth will look stained.

YSL counters are always there to taunt at the airport, so I've started allowing myself to pick up a new rouge volupte each time I'm passing through duty free.  Sometimes I get swayed by the MAC counter instead of course.  The thing that I find difficult about buying a lipstick at an airport however, is the over enthusiastic assistants I always tend to attract.  I now go along with a shade in mind that I want to get, otherwise they'll easily talk me into buying some sort of deep berry shade I'll wear once a year.  That's the thing about me and my rouge voluptes - because they're quite pricey I go for colours I'll get the most out of, rather than risk a daring new shade - I can do that with other brands.

The latest additions to my rouge volupte family are opera rose - a warm shade of rosy pink loveliness that perks up just about anything, and lingerie pink, a shade I nearly bought too many times and then finally did.  It's like the pinkier cousin of nude beige - a really wearable, every day, soft pink.

My lips love the creamy and hydrating formula of a YSL rouge volupte - I can wear them even when my lips are a little dry and worse for wear.  The staying power's not great - a few hours at most - but the need to reapply gives you an excuse to have another gawp at the gorgeousness of the lipstick casing.  Plus, the mirrored packaging means you can use the lid to check your touch-up skills.  I wish all lipsticks had that.

I've not yet ventured into rouge volupte shine territory -  there are some lovely colours, and I've swatched them a few times, but I think I prefer the formula and finish of the originals.

Are you a rouge volupte fan too?



  1. Fetish Pink is gorgeous!! My boyfriend is working abroad at the moment so I may have to ask him to bring me something pretty from the YSL counter in the airport!
    Beauty Lover's Notes

  2. Oh gosh, Opera Rose looks so beautiful! I just adore the packaging of this range, so pretty!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  3. I love the Rouge Voluptes! I only own Nude Beige and another called Peach passion, but if they weren't so pricey I think I'd probably buy them all!

    Bella | BELLAETC

  4. I love these lipsticks, the shades are so nice! YSL is such a nice brand.


  5. Lingerie Pink is so pretty!

    Kah-Feh Yen
    Currently running a MAC lipstick giveaway.

  6. I love these lipsticks, the packaging is just so luxurious! I only have Opera Rose but it's by far one of my favourite lipsticks :) recently indulged in a Tom Ford lipstick as well...stunning! x

    Sarah @ sarahlouxo.com xx

  7. I love all the colors I would buy them all :) so pretty.

  8. I'll be going through the airport soon!how much do you pay for one in duty free?
    Tori. X

    1. I think they end up being about £20 in duty free

  9. I love the colour of opera rose!
    I really want to try one of these, they look lovely.

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  10. Amazing post Gem! Completely with you on angels start singing with No1 haha fabulous way to put it - however, opera rose has stolen my heart SWOOOON x

    1. I knew I wasn't the only one who'd heard it... =) xxx

  11. I've only ever seen one colour blogged about so nice to see your collectio. A few of these will definitely be going on my hitlist!

    Simply Woman Magazine

  12. aww.. how lucky I ache for one =p

  13. I love these lipsticks, they are so pretty.

  14. OMG nude beige and fetish pink are amazing and so worth the money. Its so much easier to justify buying expensive lipsticks in shades that you would wear daily. c:

    xo.Janiecy.xo|A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    xo, Janiecy


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