2 Jul 2013

Viridian clear skin complex and omega oil

You may have read me mention in the past that I don't have the clearest skin - I tend to have what I think is known as congested skin in some areas.  It's like having little bumps under the skin rather than actual spots.  It goes through stages of being better and worse, but I've not found a way to completely clear it up the way I'd like.  Viridian have sent me their *Clear Skin pack, so I thought why not give this a go and see what happens.

I've been sent The Clear Skin cookbook, which thankfully isn't just about drinking water and avoiding chocolate as I'd feared!  It has lots of recipes to try alongside the advice.  It also gives suggestions on how to take healthy oils like the Clear Skin Omega Oil with food, rather than just gulping oil off the spoon, which let's face it isn't as appealing!  In addition to the oil I also have Viridian's Clear Skin complex to try, which is in capsule form so you just take one or two a day.

I'm going to give these a go and I'll let you know how I get on with a skin update in a few weeks.

You can get the Clear Skin pack for £36.70 here.

Do you take any skin supplements and have they worked for you?



  1. I have exactly the same issue with my skin, lots of congestion, so very excited to see how well this works for you. If you can sort your skin out with a cookbook, that's a winner for me.

    Sherry Darling's Things

  2. Oh dying to hear how this works!!

  3. Can't wait to see how this works for you! I think I have similar skin to what you described. Mine might be mostly hormonal and diet related :(


  4. I really think it will work for you, I take Omega 3 and can personally say it does wonders for my skin. It reduces inflammation within your body, which is what makes spots so big and red.


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