26 Aug 2013

bareMinerals get started kit, ready foundation and other new releases

I've tried some bareMinerals lipsticks and glosses before, but it was about time I tried out the products that made them famous - their mineral makeup.  bareMinerals have newbies covered with their *customizable get started kit, so this was the best place for me to begin.  

Inside the kit as standard you get prime time primer, three makeup brushes, mineral veil finishing powder and warmth bronzer.  

You then get matched with your ideal bare minerals foundation to complete the kit.  I was matched with *ready spf20 foundation, which is a powder compact foundation.  I had wanted to try the original loose mineral foundations, but this was recommended for my skin type and I was matched with the shade R250 which the makeup artist said was a bit light for me, but I could bronze it up with warmth.  I think there would have been a closer shade match for my skin as ready foundation comes in twenty shades, but on the day of the event I attended I don't think they were able to have all of the shades with them, so I was matched a bit lighter than I would have been otherwise.  I was also given a foundation brush which would work best with the ready foundation - the *precision face brush. I really like this brush - it's super soft and gives an even application without the need for much skill.  It's easy to pick up too much product with this brush though, so you need to approach the compact with a light hand and remember to tap off the excess.  

I applied the ready foundation myself at the event whilst following a demonstration, and at the time I really liked it.  It was too light for me, but bronzing it up with warmth worked well.  Although after wearing it for a couple of hours I looked in a mirror and I looked a bit of a state!  The foundation had gone really patchy and it had become obvious it was too light for me.  I think one of the reasons for this may have been that I used a moisturiser for dry skin before the foundation because that's all there was to hand, so it probably made my skin too greasy.  Trying the foundation at home with my usual moisturiser I've had similar issues with patchiness after wearing it for a few hours.  I think I'll need to experiment a bit more to get this to work for me - the foundation definitely needs a good primer underneath for me.

This is *prime time which is bareMinerals' core primer.  They also have others for different skin types and conditions.  Personally I liked the texture of this primer and the way it applied, but I don't think it's quite right for my oily and dehydrated skin, and as mentioned, it didn't keep the ready foundation in place on me.  I had a quick try of another bareMinerals primer - prime time neutralizing - which was for targetting redness - it went on a bit of a scary yellow, but really evened out my redness well, so that one might be a better match for me, although I'm not sure if it would be right for oily / dehydrated patches or not.  bareMinerals have another primer called prime time oil control, so that's probably the one for me.

Although I didn't try out the loose foundations, I did get to try some of the other hero products - original mineral veil and warmth.  I really like both of these and quickly got the hang of the swirl-tap-buff technique SJ recommends.  SJ is bareMinerals' international makeup artist - if you've ever watched bareMinerals on QVC you'll know who she is.  She was so lovely and bursting with amazing tips.

Mineral veil goes on almost invisibly but gives a great finish to the skin.  Although ready foundation didn't quite work for me, I've been trying mineral veil as a setting and finishing step over some of my other foundations - I've been applying this with the big fluffy flawless face brush.  

Warmth is a subtle but buildble bronzer - it's really lightweight so I can go all over my face with this without feeling cakey or over-done.  You're meant to use the flawless face brush with this one, which works well and gives precision, but because I'm quite lazy I like to use a big brush for my bronzer, so I've been using the full flawless face brush for this too.  

Here I'm wearing freshly applied ready foundation together with mineral veil, warmth, lash domination mascara and moxie lipgloss in Stunner.

Aside from the get started kit, I also got to try out a few recent releases from bareMinerals.

This is *moxie lipgloss (see a more detailed review on these glosses here) in the shade Stunner.  I'm wearing this in the previous photos and above is a more close-up swatch.  This is lovely light berry shade which is lovely for this time of year with summer turning into autumn.  It's a lovely wearable shade which adds the perfect subtle pop.

*Lash domination is the new 10 in 1 mascara from bareMinerals - look at that crazy brush!  It's a really chunky wand with twisted plastic bristles to really help you make the most of your lashes.  The design of the brush together with a wiggly application techniques gets my lashes coated up really quickly and easily and fattens them up nicely.  It's not really all that lengthening on my stumpy lashes, but it gives lots of glossy black volume that doesn't smudge, clump or flake.  

And finally an ingenious little product that I've never come across before.  It's a mascara topcoat which will turn any normal mascara into a waterproof one.  You apply your normal mascara first, then add *locked & coated over the top.  This is a brilliant idea.  I hardly ever wear waterproof mascara as I just don't like the way they make my lashes feel and the difficulty I have getting it all off at the end of the day.  I'll buy a waterproof mascara about once a year so that I can wear it for swimming or the beach and that's it, so it's a bit of a waste.  With this I'll be able to use any of my favourite mascaras in their usual non-waterproof formulations and slick this on over the top whenever I need to be waterproof.  I've not tried this yet but it'll be coming with me on holiday in September.  I'm thinking I might be able to use it to lock in my brow make-up too!

So a bit of a mixed bag for me with my first foray into bareMinerals' bases.  I'm still keen to try the loose mineral foundations - so many people love them and rave about them so I need to know what I'm missing!



  1. When I ventured into Foundations I started with Bare Minerals loose minerals and it's foolproof! Definitely worth trying.



    1. Thanks Victoria - I'm holding out hope those will be good for me :)

  2. The foundation looks amazing in these pictures! very tempted :) x


  3. It looks lovely on you! I tried it two years ago but it just didn't suit me at all. It felt really itchy and sadly the lightest get started box was still too dark for me! I gave it to my friend though and it looks stunning on her x


  4. I am in love with bareMinerals and you look amazing!

  5. I've never tried the compact version of bareMinerals before but I'm tempted to give it a go because it's a lot more practical to carry around, especially for touch ups. Warmth is an amazing product, I love it, it adds a lovely dash of colour to the face.


    1. I really like warmth too - much more than I expected to.

  6. I swear by bareminerals. I use the loose powder though so its easier to buff in so isn't patchy what so ever! I don't think I will ever change my foundation as my skin loves it! xx

    1. Sounds like you've found your holy grail foundation! I think my skin is too darn fussy!


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