16 Aug 2013

Bella Swan fancy dress hair and makeup

If you follow my instagram (fluttersparkle) you might have seen that I went to a fancy dress party on Saturday night for Jayne's birthday - check her out, she dressed up as poison ivy - she went all out and looked amazing!  I'm generally quite rubbish when it comes to fancy dress - I spend ages stressing over coming up with ideas for what to dress as and it can really put me off going to the party at all!  Jayne's theme was tv and film characters, so it gives you a lot of choice, but I was still struggling.  Somehow I came up with the idea of Bella from Twilight quite early on, mainly because I thought it was quite a simple outfit as she wears normal clothes!  The trouble with a simple outfit though, is that nobody necessarily knows who you are unless you tell them, and most people will think you just came as yourself.  That happened to me once when I went to a Halloween party dressed as Ugly Betty - I wore the most clashing, multi-coloured, mis-matched patterned clothes ever, but somehow someone still managed to think I was just dressed as myself and told me that they loved my kooky style, ha!

I decided I'd be the Breaking Dawn part 2 version of Bella - after she's turned vampire.  MesmerEyez kindly agreed to send me the key ingredient for the look - vampire contact lenses!  Without them I don't think anyone would really have known what I was dressed as, but with them in everyone I asked guessed Bella / a vampire - success!

These are the Bella contact lenses and all of the Mesmereyez kit - pretty scary aren't they?  I really loved the crazy look these lenses gave me - I think I creeped out a few people on the train on my way out!

I've never worn contact lenses before in my life, so I was a bit worried about getting these in and how my eyes might react to them, so I asked my friend who's worn contacts for years to give me some tips about getting them in and out.  When it came to time to get ready I managed to pop the lenses straight in with no hassle as all - I'm not a particularly squeamish person when it comes to eyes so I just went for it.  They felt odd in my eyes at first, and when they moved around a bit I could see them and feel them, but I kept them in all night.  They were easier to wear when I just forgot they were there and allowed my eyes to behave normally if you see what I mean.  I had a more trouble getting the lenses out than I did putting them in, although I'd had a few cocktails by then!

I received the three month lenses, so after I'd worn them I washed them in the special solution and then pooped them away in the lense tub that came with it, ready for the next time I want to get my creep on. The 3 month kit I had with the solution costs £17.99 and you can find it here - *Twilight Bella contact lenses.

For my makeup I loosely followed this Bella tutorial from Pixiwoo.  I'm the first to admit I'm rubbish at complicated eye makeup looks, so I didn't manage to get the same look as Sam but I have a version of it, and I was quite pleased with how it turned out.  Adding the dark lips makes the overlook look a little less Bella-like, but I'd just started playing with Illamasqua's new Shard lipstick and couldn't resist wearing it. I'll be sharing the sacred hour collection with you in great detail in the next few days.

I also tried out a new mascara for this look, which was the Pür big blink mascara.  It's a great lengthening mascara with a plastic bristle brush which is great for keeping lashes defined rather than clumpy.  I think I have pretty stumpy lashes naturally, so this worked well for me as a lengthening mascara and I didn't need lots of layers to get a good effect. The mascara is made with argan oil which is usually found in nourishing hair products, so it's there in the mascara to have the same enriching effect for your lashes.  Big blink will be available exclusively at marks and spencer soon and it will be £15.

Swatches of the Bobbi brown liner, Lightscapade MSF, Shard lipstick and MUA shadows 5 and 11 from the undressed palette.

Once Bella's turned vampire her hair gets all voluminous and bouncy, so it was the perfect time for me to try out the *bumble and bumble thickening full form mousse and *crème contour.  My hair is naturally straight, flat and rather limp - poor hair - and I don't really have layers, so these products can't do much for me with my usual blow-dried straight look.  But, with large rollers they're perfect to add some much needed life and bounce to my hair. 

I added the full form mousse to towel dried hair and dried my hair upside-down - it's a heat activated product, so you notice your hair getting bigger as you dry, and it makes even fine hair like mine look fuller.  I then added some large rollers and left them in for a couple of hours while I did my makeup and got dressed.  Bella doesn't have curls in the film, just a great blow dry with bounce, so I brushed my hair out a bit and then went in with the creme contour to break things up a bit and give the do more of an un-done feel.  It's a light-weight and non-sticky gel-like crème which defines and tames.  Again this one's probably better with layers and with shorter hair, but for a vampire that's just got out of bed, it gave my hair some definition and texture without weighing it down. I knew I was getting away from Bella's more polished blow dry a bit, but I decided I quite liked it and it added to the overall vampire effect.  To finish off I added some of bumble's thickening hair spray and scrunch at the crown for a bit more oomph and took a mini bottle of it out with me for extra oomphing as and when.

So there you go, my finished look.  I work black jeggings, a black top, a leather jacket and tough black ankle boots to complete my Bella ensemble, as that's the sort of thing she tends to wear for the most part of the last film.  It made the costume super easy to put together from my existing wardrobe and it meant I looked fairly normal on my way to the party, just slightly over-dressed for summer!  What do you think?


  1. Haha the eyes creep me out a little bit :D I love your makeup though! & I really like it when people blog about film characters :)

    X Valérie
    I'm giving away TWO custom blogger designs! :)

  2. I love how you looked... Contacts are well creepy though, wouldn't of liked to meet you walking home late at night haha!

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door


  3. Oh how creepy do these look! I need to get myself some for halloween! Love the your makeup lovely xx

    Claire does beauty

  4. love the look - I'm struggling on what to be as for some halloween invites I've been sent, Bella and these contacts might be on the list for me!

    £1 Mint Nail Polish!

    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita

  5. Oh dear, that's creepy haha x

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  7. gorgeouss look

  8. They weirdly really suit you! Love the lipstick too x


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