31 Aug 2013

Holiday ready products - after sun from kiko and Bioderma and a faux glow from xen tan

I don't tend to go on holiday during the summer like most people, so I'm actually just starting to prepare for my holiday now.  I'm going away at the very end of September, and I'm going to Vegas again - I can't wait!  I nearly always go on holiday during September - it's a cheaper time to go that during school holiday season, and it means places tend to be less crowded too.  Although I'm a creature of habit in this respect, I still make the same boob every year and fail to stock up on holiday clothes and beauty products when the shops are brimming with them from about April / May onwards.  By the time I venture into Primark in August looking for shorts and flipflops I'm usually greeted by scarves and jumpers instead!  I never learn, but luckily for me, some lovely beauty brands have sent me a few perfect essentials to get my holiday beauty stash going.  

I like to sunbathe a lot on holiday, but I try to be as careful as I can in the sun so as well as using lots of sun protection I'll always replenish my skin with an after-sun to put moisture back in and to avoid that tight and dry feeling you can get when you're been tanning.  My boyfriend always thinks he's burnt when he's not, so he goes through lots of after-sun too, so I always have to make surer the suitcase is fully stocked.  

This after-sun milk from Bioderma is one I'm looking forward to using.  It's a light creamy consistency and it has a gorgeous and fresh 'sun cream' scent that has be longing to get on a sun lounger.  I've only tried a bit of the back of my hand so far as I'll be using this properly when I'm on holiday, but it sinks in quickly and is really hydrating - exactly what I need from an after-sun.  

*KIKO after sun cream glow - £7.90 for 200ml 

I also have an aftersun from KIKO, and hopefully the boyfriend won't pinch this one because it has girly shimmer in it!  This one doesn't smell quite as lovely as the Bioderma one, but it leaves a lovely glowy sheen to the skin.  It says it contains 'golden pearls' but you can't see them - the cream just looks shimmery without any actual glittery bits being detectable.  Once applied I can just see a subtle sheen, again without any glittery chunks, but if I look super closely I can see the teeny-tiniest flakes of gold.  It's a non-greasy cream and it contains water from the Polynesian sea which is said to make it extra hydrating.  This will be a really nice one to sooth my skin the same time as enhancing any tan I've picked up when we're going out in the evenings.  

As I hate to be pale and pasty at the beginning of my holiday I'll certainly be faking it before I go away.  Even when I'm on holiday I like to have a bit of fake tan on hand for my face - I use a much higher spf on my face as I don't want to add lines to my skin by picking up too much of a tan.  These minis from Xen Tan will be perfect, and they're the ideal size for travelling.  

Here I've got minis (30ml and 15ml sizes) of the Deep bronze luxe weekly self tan in dark, Cell lifting body scrub and Face tanner luxe daily self-tan in medium / dark.  I've not used Xen Tan before but lots of bloggers rave about it and Holly Willoughby uses it, so I'm keen to see what I've been missing.  Usually I'd be a bit wary about just how dark the tan will come out, but when you're on holiday you tend to be able to get away with being uber tanned I think!  

These minis come as a set of three or you can buy them separately for £3.99 each.  If you buy the set of three it's cheaper at £9.99 and you get a £5 off voucher too.  These are all available at xen-tan.co.uk

I'm on my way to being holiday ready - next I need to plan my US drugstore haul - I can't wait!


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  1. I'm off to Vegas in October - I can't wait! It's been torturous watching everyone going off on their hols over the Summer whilst I've been stuck at my desk but I'll have the last laugh when they're suffering from post holiday blues!




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