24 Aug 2013

Kiko multi-effect nail colour and creamy lipgloss review

I'm noticing a few brands bringing out double-ended nail polishes lately - models own have the ones with a solid colour one end and a topcoat the other, and now Kiko have brought out a range with a solid colour one end and a sheer jelly-type polish the other for wearing alone or layering up.  There are ten colour pairings in the range.  I have shade 05 which has an orange red full colour at one end and a strawberry pink glossy colour the other - that's the sheerer one.  

Here I've swatched both colours separately and together with the strawberry over the orange.  You can see the other colour duos here - some have the sheer glossy topcoat and some have a more glittery or shimmery finish for the topcoat colour.  The *multi-effect nail lacquers cost £5.90 each from kikocosmetics.co.uk.

Another make-up item which just keeps cropping up everywhere is lipgloss pen sticks - probably the most prominent make-up invention of the past year or so, every brand has them and Kiko is no exception.  I have shade 110 which is a hot pink which co-ordinates rather nicely with the nail colours I've just swatched.

The formula of this lipstick / lipgloss hybrid is lovely and shiny.  The colour's intense but the product goes on like a like a balm - it's not heavy on the lips and it feels hydrating and quite creamy.  I now have three versions of what's essentially the same lipstick crayon-pen in the same bright pink shade in my collection, so does this Kiko offering bring anything new?  To be honest not really, although I prefer the fact that it doesn't have the minty taste of its Revlon counterparts, and the staying power's better than some of the similar products I've tried.  If your collection's not already overflowing with lip crayon-pens, then this is certainly worth a look, especially as they come in ten shades - watermelon and magenta are particularly pretty.  *Kiko's creamy lipglosses cost £6.90 each from kikocosmetics.co.uk. 



  1. The nail lacquers look so pretty! I really want them the full colour end is a gorgeous colour, might pick some up xx


  2. The nail polishes are unusual but very pretty colours!
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  3. I swatched the pencils and liked the nude one but agree with you there; nothing new!

  4. I've never heard of this brand before but the colours look so pretty. I'll definitely have to take a look at the website later.


  5. I love Kiko items!

    great post,
    Zofia xo

  6. these look so pretty!!have to try them although is hard for me to find Kiko ;)

  7. These products look great. Love the shades of the nail polish and how glossy and opaque it looks!


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