1 Aug 2013

L'Oreal Ever Riche perfect elixir masque spray

Last week I was talking about a spray face mask, and today a spray hair mask (or masque) - it must be a 'thing' right now.  This hair treat is part of the Ever Riche range which I previously reviewed a while back here.  I really liked the nourishing intense mask I previously tried - as I used it over time I really noticed it making my hair softer.  

I think the perfect elixir masque spray is a bit of a half way point between the nourishing mask and the normal conditioner.  It's more moisturising that the normal conditioner, but you don't need to leave it on as long as the intense mask to get the benefits. It's actually to be used as a second step conditioner, so after a normal condition and rinse, you spray on the perfect elixir and leave it for a few moments before rinsing out.  

It adds a little bit extra to the condition of my hair after washing, without adding hardly any extra minutes to my time in the bathroom.  It's a really fine spray so you don't end up applying too much, and I find I cover more of my hair of it (not the roots but closer to them) because of that.  It's got the same gorgeous scent as the other products I've tried from this range too.  

Because my hair is a combination of dry and oily, any conditioners I have which are from a shampoo and conditioner pairing for oily hair usually aren't conditioning enough for the ends of my hair.  I've been using this masque spray to give those conditioners a boost and a helping hand and it makes my hair much more manageable and a bit sleeker too.  

The *Ever Riche perfect elixir masque spray is usually £6.99 for 200ml, but it's currently on offer for £4.66 at Boots.



  1. on offer?! oooh it's mine! I might see if I can use this and get away with the conditioning step all together sometimes because I do hold conditioner responsible for my hair being so oily and weighed down, I just can't seem to find one to suit my hair!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly

    1. It might be perfect for you in that case hun, it's really light xx

  2. OOOOOH I WANT THIS. I love the L'Oréal Pure line so this sounds good!

    Annie | www.raspberphobia.com


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