23 Aug 2013

Make-up Atelier Paris lipsticks and glosses in beige dore, pivoine and lolita

This is my first time trying something from Make-up Atelier Paris - it's a brand I didn't really know much about until I saw some of their products in people's hauls from IMATS earlier in the year.  Lip products are always a good place to start when trying a new brand in my opinion, and here I have two lipglosses and a lipstick.

If you're familiar with the brand you might know that they have two types of lipgloss - lipshine and starshine - the two glosses I've tried out are lipshines and they're in the shades beige dore (the nude colour) and pivoine (the more pink colour).  They're full colour coverage lipglosses which apply quite thick so can be worn on their own as well as layered over a lipstick if you fancy it.  They're non-tacky, which is good, and feel nice and comfortable on my lips.  Also they have a doe foot sponge applicator - I really don't like lipglosses with a brush.  The only thing I don't really like is that they have that lipgloss smell - I tend to prefer it when a lipgloss has a vanilla flavour and fragrance or something like that just to mask the synthetic smell, but maybe that's just me being fussy.  That said they do have a pleasant taste - something slightly fruity, maybe melon?

I also tried out a lipstick in a rosy pink shade called lolita.  This is a nice easy-to-wear, everyday type shade for me.  It's really easy to apply and goes on really smooth.  It has a nice rich formula,  no noticeable smell or taste, and believe it or not, it's waterproof!  I had to test this out of course, but what is a fair test for a waterproof lipstick?  I wasn't planning on swimming any time soon, so I just went about my normal business with the lipstick on and it lasted for about 6 hours before fading away.  I'm satisfied with that - when I first realised it said it was waterproof I was worried I'd be there all night trying to scrub it off, so I'm glad they don't mean it quite so literally! 

Above are the shades I tried out - I've also worn pivoine lipgloss over the lolita lipstick and they went really well together.

You can buy make-up atelier here - makeupatelierparis.co.uk - the *lipshine lipglosses are £12.50 and the *waterproof lipsticks are £14.50 each.  I also have my eye on the lip palettes which have five coordinating colours as I've seen Jayne using the red one loads and the colours always look great on her.

Have you tried anything from Make-up Atelier Paris before?


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  1. I love the colour of all 3. You have good taste my lady :)
    I know what you mean about "THE LIPGLOSS SMELL" i don't like that either. I don't think i would purchase the lipglosses but i would certainly buy the lipstick.



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