3 Aug 2013

Neom Tranquillity room mist

Hands up if you've been struggling to sleep in the heat these past couple of weeks.  As much as I'm enjoying the hot weather during the day, when it doesn't cool down at night and it's all hot and stuffy it can be really hard to sleep.  I've been relying of facial spritzers straight from the fridge, and *Neom's tranquillity room mist to cool me off, calm me down and send me to the land of nod.

The Tranquillity scent is made up of English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine.  It smells predominantly of heady lavender, but the other fragrances give a really fresh twist and lift to the scent.  I've been spritzing it onto my pillows and sheets before lying back and breathing in the fragrance - it really does make me feel relaxed and calmed, ready for a restful sleep.  

I'd not tried a Neom room mist before, but I've found the fragrances are just as strong as the candles, and they're a great alternative to use when you want that lovely scent but it's not practical to burn a candle... such as when you're sleeping!  

Neom's room mists come in several of their classic fragrances and cost £16 each for 100ml from neomorganics.com



  1. That sounds beautiful... Lavender is always so calming to help with sleep.

    Jayne x


  2. Sounds lovely and not a bad price either!

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. Yes I was surprised, it's a lot cheaper than some of their other products but it smells just as good :)

  3. Ah, dying to try something by Neom! This sounds lovely x

  4. Just found your blog,love it. I am writing a blog post soon about the tranquility candle. I love the room mist,it smells amazing. http://www.naomitalksbeauty.com/


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