18 Aug 2013

new from models own - velvet goth collection swatches

The thing I like most about Models Own is their ability to keep finding innovative ways to reinvent nail polish.  They don't just make gorgeous colours, they're always bringing us something new and different, and there's usually some glitter involved, which does it for me every time.  The latest offering is the new velvet goth collection.  They're not actually like velvet on the nails, although they do have funky velvet lids - the name refers more  to the unique mixed texture.  They're full colour polishes with multiple type of glitter, but they dry down to a really smooth and matte 2D finish - pretty unusual for a polish packed with glitter which might otherwise have a rather rough texture.  They come in five great autumn shades, and I have three of them here to show you.

Obsidian is a charcoal-grey, almost black polish strewn with silver glitter.  It's the sheerest of the three I have in one coat, but as you can see on my nail wheel, you get a proper full coverage after two coats.

Absinthe is a deep, dark emerald green.  It's a well pigmented shade which looks gorgeous and mysterious in one coat, but really intensifies with two.  I really like dark green nail polish - it's one of my autumn / winter staples, so I know I'll be wearing this a lot.

Amethyst is my favourite of the bunch, just look how purple it is!  I got the best coverage in one coat with this colour as it's so fiercely pigmented.  The glitter is probably more subtle in this shade as the colour more closely matches the actual polish, and once it's dried down to the matte finish it's really quite subtle until you look closely or the light hits your nails.  I think I'll be wearing this one a lot too.  

Here are the three colours I have swatched together - I literally lashed these on the moment I found them waiting for me on my door mat after a really tiring day - they really perked me up!  

And here you can see the full collection.  The other colours are valerian - a deep, inky blue shade, and the blood red sardonyx. 

The models own velvet goth collection will be available from 24 August at the models own bottle shop and then from 2 September at modelsownit.com and everywhere else from 4 September, and the polishes will be £5 each.

Are you tempted by velvet goth?



  1. I'm not too sure I am going to run out and get these, they don't seem too dramatically different from normal glitters.

    Saying that, I do like the green and purple! :)



  2. awesome ... all are GORGEOUSS .. <3 <3
    visit and follow

  3. Can't wait for these - Models Own does it again! xx

  4. They look quite snazzy. Definitely not for everyday wear but I'd consider it if I was going to a party.



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