4 Aug 2013

Super Facialist - new vitamin C+ brighten range

I'm a big fan of the Super Facialist range, so I was really keen to try some of their latest products from their new Vitamin C+ brighten offering.

The first product to jump out at me was the *dark circles eye cream as no matter how much sleep I get, I can never shake that tell-tale bluey-grey tinge under my eyes.  The cream is really light and sinks in easily under the eyes, and you need the teeniest amount like a grain of rice.  The instructions say to use this for at least three weeks, but I noticed my dark circles had improved after just two.  I'm really impressed with this and will keep using it.  It's £12.99 and on me has worked much better than products I've tried that cost more than twice as much.

I've also tried the *overnight repair radiance capsules with mixed success.  I like the serum and it applies really well to the skin, but I feel like you don't get enough for your whole face in one capsules and I have to eek it out.  Either that or I usually use way too much serum!  I've enjoyed adding this to my nighttime routine and it works well with the eye cream and my moisturisers, but I've not really noticed any of the radiance effects just yet.  The jar contains 28 capsules and costs £21.99.

You can get the full Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Brighten range from Boots - I'm also keen to try the skin renew cleansing oil as I really like the Neroli lift and hydrate facial oil from Super Facialist.  



  1. I like the idea of the capsules! the eye cream sounds really great though x

    1. I'm recommending it to everyone I know how has dark circles - whilst trying not to offend them of course! :)

  2. I've wanted to try this brand for ages and this range looks right up my street - anything brightening or with vitamin C and I'm there like a shot! Might actually try the eye cream, I've never used one that's actually worked before xx

    1. I've tried lots of things from Super Facialist and find them really good - they're often on 3 for 2 as well.

  3. I would definitely have picked this up if I was still in the UK but I've just left and this range wasn't out when I was living there :( I tend to love any Vitamin C skin care.

    Annie | www.raspberphobia.com


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