27 Sept 2013

My current cleanser collection

Ever since I read something Caroline Hirons said about it being a good idea to switch up and rotate your cleaners a lot I've been using it as an excuse for me flitting from one product to the next and having several on the go at any one time.  I always told myself that doing this kept my skin on its toes and mixed up the benefits of the different products - maybe I was right.

*Balance Me cleanse and smooth face balm - £20
I find balms one of the most luxurious ways to cleanse.  I'd originally compared this to Liz Earle's cleanse and polish, which is one of my all time faves, as it comes with a muslin cloth similar to its Liz Earle counterpart.  But the similarities tend to end there - this isn't a thick and creamy white cleanser like I may have expected - it's an oil based balm with a thick gel like consistency.  It glides over the skin and melts in - I enjoy giving it a good old massage around my face and it smells lemony and fresh.  I don't use it to take off eye makeup and would usually take that off first with one of the below.  But, this doesn't sting when I used it around my eyes and although its a natural product, it feels like it delivers with its gently exfoliating oatmeal.  My skin feels super clean and glowing after I've used this, and the muslin cloth removes all traces of the oil.

L'Oreal skin perfection purifying micellar solution - £4.99
This is my favourite high street alternative to Bioderma.  I think it's really quite similar, and you can't knock it for value for money - £4.99 for 200ml and it's often on offer.  I'm on my third re-purchase of this one because it's such a good all rounder.  It takes my makeup off quickly and easily including mascara and it doesn't sting my eyes at all.  It's possibly a little bit drying, but I'd always be following with a second cleanse or a moisturiser anyway.

*L'Oreal skin perfection 15 second miracle cleansing oil - £7.99
When I first tried this I assumed it was a cleanser you'd wipe on and off with cotton pads, and I wondered why it left my skin feeling all oily.  Should have read the instructions - it's actually like a proper cleansing oil you massage into the skin and then wash off.  I'm getting along much better with it since I started following the directions.  My initial mistake has helped me find the best way to use this though - I like to put it on a cotton pad to take off my eye-makeup before doing the rest of my face and rinsing it all off with water.  This cleanser is excellent on waterproof mascara or long-lasting liner.  It doesn't sting my eyes, but it does leave me blinking and blurry for a bit after using it which is an unfortunate side-effect but one to expect when using an oil product around the eyes.

*REN rosa centifolia 3 in 1 cleansing water - £13
This micellar water from REN is a really gentle cleanser - it contains rose otto oil to calm and soothe plus tannin to tighten pores. It removes foundation well, and it leaves my skin feeling comfortable.  Unlike most micellar waters this one isn't drying on the skin.  I don't think it's really intended for using around the eyes as I found it didn't deal well with my mascara and it made my eyes sting a little.  I've been using this one just on the rest of my face and completely avoiding my eye area as I've got really quite sensitive eyes.

*Radical Skincare hydrating cleanser - £30
This cleanser from Radical Skincare is designed to cleanse, tone and hydrate the skin all in one.  Hydrating is the key word with this - it's lovely and creamy and has a delicate, fresh scent to match its pretty peach colour and it's totally non-drying.  I really enjoy using this one in the shower.  It gets my skin really clean including removing eye makeup well (although again, I would usually remove that first with one of the micellar waters or the L'Oreal oil).  The only thing I don't like about this cleanser is the price, and that's probably the only thing that might stop me from buying a replacement when I run out.

What's your favourite cleanser at the moment?  I've always got room to add another to my collection!



  1. Great post Hun I have the Loreal mecellar solution really like it and yes what a fab price!

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  2. I have just stared using the Loreal mecellar solution and love it! Fantastic for the price x


  3. Great products. I just use Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser and Neutrogena Makeup Remover and Face Cleanser at night.


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