14 Sept 2013

new from Simple kind to skin +

Sadly I couldn't make it to Simple's blogger launch of their Kind to Skin + range and their online Simple Sense skincare tool - I hear I missed out on some epic healthy cocktails and smoothies.  But, I've not totally missed out as I still got to try some of the new products.

Simple have brought out a BB cream - the *Simple Kind to Skin + Perfecting BB cream.  It's their first time creating a BB cream and comes in just one universal shade with UVA and UVB protection.  I love BBs even though they can seem a bit over-done by all of the brands now.  I don't get bored of trying out new ones as formulations seem to keep getting better with each new version .  This one from Simple has a thicker consistency than most, which I like, and it has better coverage.  It gives just about the right amount of moisture for my combination skin and does a very good job of evening everything out.  This works well for me alone and as a base for makeup, which is one of my favourite uses for BB creams.  At £8.99 it's a rival for my favourite BB cream from Garnier and I highly recommend it.

There's also the *Simple Kind to Skin + moisture boost hydro mist.  I've been mad on hydrating mists and sprays over the summer for cooling down, refreshing and hydrating.  This one from Simple fits the bill entirely and delivers a wide, fresh blast with hydrating lotus flower.  I'm loathed to pay much for facial mists, as really they are just fancy water in a bottle, so £5.99 for this one is fine by me.

And I also tried the new *Simple Kind to Skin + brightening eye make-up remover pads.  I'm not sure I've given these a fair test as my pack had a split and some of the moisture had escaped, so I found these a bit dry.  Had my pack not been damaged I think I'd have liked them a lot more.  They're a handy sized little pack for travelling when you don't want to lug around a separate eye makeup remover and cotton pads and they're a bargain at £2.99.

Have you checked out any of Simple's new products?



  1. I love Simple Skincare -it's good for my sensitive skin. I really want to try out the mist.


  2. Ive used the eye make up remover pads aswell and mine were really dry, was quite disapointed as I normally love simple products. Great post.



  3. The mist looks interesting, it's nice to see a face mist that isn't overpriced aha xx


  4. I never tried any kind of BB cream, although every one is literally raving about this! I don't know, I just don't feel the need to try some BB cream yet I guess! But that brand looks awesome :)



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