8 Sept 2013

The sacred hour collection from Illamasqua

I really meant to share this collection with you a lot sooner, but work's really been getting in the way of blogging lately.  On the bright side I've had plenty of time to play with these products and give you my proper opinion on them.  The Sacred Hour is Illamasqua's latest collection - the sacred hour is at daybreak and sun set, as represented by these powerful collection images.  Check out those amazing crystal adorned brows!

The model styled in white is representing daybreak, and the one is darker colours is sun set - would you have realised that's actually the same model in both?

The collection's made up of a beautiful eye shadow palette - very neutral by Illamasqua's usual standards - two velvet blushes, two nail polishes, a lipstick that I love, some stunning full on lashes, plus an amazing set of stick on crystals.  

The reflection eyeshadow palette's a real stand out piece in the collection as Illamasqua's eye quads often are.  I'm delighted to see such wearable colours - some might think it's not so Illamasqua, but I really don't wear brightly coloured shadows and these are much more my kind of thing.  It's hardly a dull neutral palette anyway - all of the colours are awesomely pigmented, shimmery and buttery soft.   

From left to right the colours are called precipice, acute, graphica and dart.  Acute is my favourite - the perfect metalicy taupe.  

These are the two matte finish velvet blushers from the collection - Peaked on the left is a deep and dusky rose pink shade, and on the right Sleek is a warm coral shade.  I have peaked which is a lovely shade to complement autumn colours.  

Just one lipstick in this collection - this lush berry shade is called Shard and it's been my transition piece taking me from Summer to Autumn.  I've worn this loads already - you might have seen it as part of my Bella Swan makeup here.  This is such a wearable shade I think - it's not too deep and dark, and not too bright, it's just that perfect wine sort of shade and I can't stop wearing it - it compliments Peaked blush really well too.  It's a fairly matte finish and really long wearing.  

Here are swatches of the blushers and lipstick - from left to right Sleek blush, Peaked blush and Shard lipstick.

The two nail polishes in the collection are truly like nothing else with really unique and pretty finishes.  Facet on the left is a grey-brown polish strewn with fine bronze glitter.  Hemlock on the right is a supernatural looking opalescent polish.  In some light it looks like a soft creamy pearl shimmer and in others the pale green depth really shows up.  

I love a false lash, even though I'm a bit rubbish at applying them.  I've never tried any Illamasqua lashes before - the pair in this collection is called lush lash and they're seriously full and dramatic.  I've not tried these yet as I wanted to save them for wearing on a proper night.  They seem like really good quality and I can't wait for an excuse to try them on.

The last part of the collection has the true unique Illamasqua vibe - these are swarovski sacred stones which can be applied to the face over makeup.  They're all unique shapes and sizes and are made up of opals in green, white and grey, amethyst crystals and golden shadow baguettes.  You can get these applied at an Illamasqua counter as part of a make-up transformation and they're re-useable.  

Illamasqua have also just released a long awaited product - a new concealer.  This is skin base lift which is an illuminating concealer for a flawless finish.  This comes in a seven different shades to suit everyone and the concealer is peach toned so it's perfect for lifting the eye area.  I watched David Horne applying this together with skin base lift in white for an amazing lifting effect around the eye, so I'm planning on picking it up next time I place an asos order.  

I really like this concealer for under my eyes - it gives really full coverage and applied with warm fingers and then blended with a brush it gives a really natural and smooth finish.  

The sacred hour collection was originally exclusive to Selfridges, but you can now also get it from Illamasqua, asos and Debenhams.  

Are you picking up anything from this collection?



  1. I love the eyeshadow palette and the blush in Sleek, the concealer sounds amazing too, think an ASOS order might be essential lol. Great review XO

    I have a giveaway up atm if you are interested - I won your beauty box giveaway earlier this year :D


  2. This collection is gorgeous!!!!!!!! Those lashes!! XxxX

  3. I want the Sleek blush so badly but it sold out online!! So annoying. It's a gorgeous collection, Illamasqua collections never fail to disappoint x


  4. Those lashes look amazing!! xx


  5. The collection is stunning, im in love with the sleek blush and shard lipstick!


  6. I LOVE when Illamasqua comes out with new collections they're always so unique and different. I love the look of that lipstick and the blushes :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  7. This collection is stunning I love the look of the Reflection eyeshadow palette!! The shades are beautiful!

  8. what color is the skin base lift that you have?


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