31 Oct 2013

Ghost cupcakes - Happy Halloween!

It's now well into the final witching hours of the day, but I just wanted to share with you my little Halloween baking effort - ghostly chocolate cupcakes...

I made regular chocolate cupcakes and topped them with a rather indulgent chocolate ganache type frosting made from milk and dark chocolate chips, single cream, icing sugar, soft cheese (Philadelphia or similar) and butter - this stuff is dangerously tasty.

The ghosts are regular vanilla frosting made with icing sugar, soft cheese, butter and vanilla essence, but to get the frosting really white - the butter usually makes it pale yellow - I added something called super duper white, and it worked really well to get a nice white ghost colour.

I haphazardly splodged the ghosts on with a piping bag and added chocolate chip eyes.  Each one came out a little different and has a bit of his own personality, well that's my excuse for my lack of icing technique anyway :)  Happy Halloween!

For those who wanted the recipe this is the one I've been using for years for cupcakes and frosting.



  1. The look so good!! I thought the ghosts were made of meringue at first but the frosting sounds delicious.xx


  2. Those look so good! It would be dangerous for me to make those as I'd end up eating them all! xx


  3. The little ghosts look so cute! :D

    ♡ Valérie

  4. Ah they're so cute :D
    Such a creative way to make the ghosts too, I thought they were meringue at first which I don't like, but this - this I could try and enjoy :D
    Even if it isn't Halloween, I'll still make them :D

    Juyey xx

  5. So cute! Lol. I think we can follow the same concept in December and make snowman cupcakes. ;-)

  6. Would you be able to give the exact recipe so I can attempt to make them please?

    1. This is the recipe I always follow for cupcakes - it has the cake and frosting guidelines for all of the flavours - http://www.exacteditions.com/browsePages.do?issue=35854&size=3&pageLabel=92

  7. They look delicious.... Chocolate is often missed out on Halloween apart from trick or treating!


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