17 Oct 2013

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!

View of the Vegas strip taken from the top of the Eiffell Tower at the Paris hotel

Hellooo, long time no see!  I'm back from Vegas and slowly catching up on everything, getting over the jet-lag and a horrible cough I picked up on the plane home.  I've been back at work this week catching up there, and I think I might almost be on top of all of my blog emails, so normal blogging should resume very shortly.

I'm so sorry my little blog has been so neglected - I wish I'd been more organised with guest posters, but the two who didn't let me down did a fabulous job - thank you Jade and Leanne :)

So I shopped until I dropped quite literally in Vegas - after a while I gave up on losing at gambling and decided to just blow all my money on shiny things and makeup instead - a guaranteed win!  If you follow my intsagram you'll have seen some sneak peeks, and I will be doing a 'haul' post once I've finished the horrendous task of unpacking and putting away all of my summer clothes, because it's now most definitely autumn if not winter out there!

I'm bursting with blog ideas and opinions on products I've been using while I was away, plus I intend to do a full post on what I got up to in Vegas with lots of photos as I know some of you have holidays planned there and can't wait to see it all.  I watched 'the only way is vegas' the night I got back and it was so surreal - we kept going "we were there yesterday!" at nearly every scene, ha!

The shops are getting all Christmassy, I had not one but two Boots Christmas gift guides put through my door for my return (the mother and the bestie keeping me in touch there) and I'm even excited for Halloween!  I think I'm generally just over-excited right now, which is much better than having the holiday blues.  I feel super re-charged after a nice long break for work and all things in general and really raring to go.  I've also got one of my best friends' weddings coming up at the end of next week and I haven't found an outfit yet so I may need your help - post with current options up for consideration (asos of course) coming right up!

Also I now have my mac book air which I'm so excited to use (and a little scared so I've actually not opened it yet like a loser) so hopefully I won;t be scuppered by crappy laptop issues any more!  My Sony Vaio I bought in January has just been one long nightmare and Amazon finally decided to refund me, woo!

So there you go, all caught up, sorry for the ramble - I'm writing this before 7am and I'm high on tea and lack of sleep.  I've missed you all and am so ready to get back to blogging - thanks for sticking with me xx



  1. Excited to see your post about Vegas, I'd love to go there one day - welcome back!

  2. Hi Welcome back :) I would love to go to vegas one day :) It sound like you had amazing amount of fun!


  3. Wooop - welcome back! :)


  4. Can't wait to see your post on Vegas! I want to go so much <3 xx

  5. Can't wait to see your Vegas post, have wanted to go there for a long time! xx

  6. Looking forward to your other vegas posts :) I loved all your Instagram vegas pics :) I'm off there on Christmas Day :) cannot wait x


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