30 Oct 2013

New in from Boots / Superdrug

A week or two before my holiday I completed the obligatory Boots and Superdrug raid for suitcase staples like shampoo and sun cream.  As is always they way, one or two things that weren't on my list managed to creep into my basket at the same time...

A few months I met up for dinner with my blogger pal and all round awesome gal Jayne for dinner, and she was clutching a bag overflowing with new releases from Gosh.  Being a generous pale skinned beauty, she offered me dibs on the makeup shades that were too dark for her complexion, and I happily grabbed this powder.  After a few days of using it I was smitten - it seemed like the perfect over-foundation finishing powder, leaving my skin velvety, not at all cakey, and most importantly - looking even.  And then I lost it.  Vanished - without a trace - gone.  It must have fallen out of my handbag because I was carrying this hot new discovery with me everywhere I went.  The sadness I felt at losing this little compact was totally disproportionate in the grand scheme of things, but heck I couldn't even replace it because it hadn't been released yet!  When it was, I put two straight into my basket - I'm not being caught out again.    

This one is shade 6 which is slightly dark for me, but that was intentional as I was going on holiday.  The one that got away was shade 4, which was a perfect match for my skintone.

In hindsight perhaps I should have photographed this concealer at a different angle as the image looks rather too much like a duplicate of the previous product, but I assure you that this is Seventeen's phwoarr paint concealer.  I picked this up after seeing a good review on another blog, but I wasn't immediately blown away.  It's a pretty heavy duty concealer, which is why I bought it - but it only works for me on certain areas of the face.  It's great at disguising a spot or a scar, but when I tried it under my eyes things got pretty ugly - I felt like it added about five years' worth of lines!  Perhaps I should have realised that a full coverage concealer wouldn't work so well on such a delicate area, but hey, I'm all for giving things a try!  I'll be reserving this one for blemishes only, and I know it'll those secrets well hidden.  

The enabler becomes the enabled.  After seeing this on a tv advert the night before I could be found frantically scouring the shelves and offer stands looking for the last remaining dark brown shade.  

I'm forever reaching for the perfect brow, never satisfied with the level of groomed or shapely I've attained, and I flit frequently between powder and pencil.  This chubby little mascara style wand is neither, so it appealed very much to my thirst for something new.  I have owned brow mascaras before of course, but not recently, and never one with a funny rounded ball shaped brush, so I obviously needed to try this.

The applicator doesn't lend itself to any sort of precision, so for me this as more of a finishing product.  I've been combing through my brows and filling them with my current favourite pencil (one from L'Oreal which I mentioned here) and then using brow drama to comb through again, adding a little more colour to any little area I might have missed and setting everything in place.  It's a happy little addition to my routine which I don't see myself skipping any time soon.

And lastly, completely at random, this pretty chubby-esque shadow stick caught my eye.  I had a little swatch of the shade stay, and immediately loved the colour which I'd say is a champagne taupe.  I probably have several colours very similar to this knocking around in various palettes, but the convenience of the stick application won me over.  I've only worn this over primer because of my oily lids, so I can't really comment on its natural staying power, but for such a cheapie product I'm really impressed with the colour pay-off and smooth texture.  Sometimes impulse shopping leads to the best new discoveries - well that's my excuse.



  1. I recently bought the maybelline brow gel too. I love it for setting my brows! x

    Gemma // DuggyDimples

  2. Love the look the chunky eye crayon! I've heard good things about Phwoar! Paint too!

  3. i want to try the MUA eye crayons!

    lovely post!
    zofia xo

  4. Hmmm...I am highly intrigued by the Maybelline Brow Drama. Right now I'm using Etude House's Drawing Eyebrow pencil, which is actually a powder in pencil form, so you get the best of both worlds -- the natural appearance of a powder, but with the precise of a pencil.

    However, the Maybelline one does look like it'd save me even more time.


  5. hmm, I think i need to hunt down the brow mascara asap ;) xx


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