29 Oct 2013

New in from Bourjois - java powder, blush exclusif and color boost glossy finish lipstick in peach on the beach

Another catch-up on some products I was getting acquainted with before I went on my holiday - three little beauties from Bourjois...

Arguably the lip colour of the summer, it took me until September to get my hands on this because it was sold out everywhere I went.  You can see why too - it's just the perfect glossy coral - nothing too overpowering, and it goes so well with sunny days and blue skies.  Sadly most of that kind of weather was a distant memory by the time I tracked this down, so it only seemed right to give peach on the beach a proper run up by taking it to Vegas with me - blue skies guaranteed. 

I wouldn't have bought yet another lipstick crayon had it not been in such an irresistible colour as I have far more than I'll probably ever use up, but I'm glad I made the exception for this little gem - as well as loving the colour the formula is great too.  I reckon I'll still love it by the time Spring comes around again next year. 

Makeup that changes shade based on your skin's PH is not a new concept - does anyone remember those green lipsticks?  But, it's not so common to find this trickery in a blush.  I know smashbox have a gel blush product which is similar, but I've not tried it myself.  Bourjois' version is somewhere between a creme and a powder blush and in the pan, it looks a little pale and uninteresting.  But, when swatched, you get a custom pink shade - the only trouble with this of course is that it might not be the colour you were expecting, or one that you like!  On me it's a rather lovely bright candy pink - not the first shade I'd usually reach for in a blush, but I really like it.  That's quite a heavy swatch right there - you can apply it much more subtly and it's easily buildable.  It leaves a beautiful flush of colour and a slightly dewy finish.  

Having explored a few other reviews and swatches, it seems the blush always come out pink, it just varies in shade and intensity.    

To celebrate their 150th birthday, Bourjois have re-formulated and re-launched their original bestselling product in cute vintage style packaging.  I had no idea Bourjois had been around for so long!

On first sprinkle, this seems like a very beautiful but very glittery pinkish powder, but when you apply it to the skin it's actually very sheer, very pale, very fine, and subtle enough to wear as an everyday highlight.  I've read of some people saying they found this far too glittery, but I honestly think they were just using far too much!  A light sweep with a brush and this is perfect to highlight the tops of the cheeks with a beautiful illuminating glow, plus it acts to set your blush - bonus!

Have you tried anything from Bourjois lately?



  1. Gosh, I'm so envious of you right now!
    It's really difficult for me to get a hold of Bourjois cosmetics in the States. Well, there's always online ordering, but I want the full experience of seeing them "in real life." :-P

    I've always loved how Bourjois color cosmetics are presented, mostly because they usually remind me of desserts -- the best part of any meal, haha.

    Of the products listed, I'd say that I'm really intrigued by the rice powder; the finish is so beautiful, and I love the vintage-inspired packaging. To be honest, I haven't tried Bourjois in a few years; at least not since they pulled out of the American market. :-(

    1. I think you can get some Bourjois products from some Urban Outfitters stores in the USA. They're on the UO USA website and don't say 'online only' so you might be able to see them for real if you have a store near you. :)

    2. Good idea Kate - also I think asos ship Bourjois to the US. It's not so bad though - you get lots of amazing brands we don't get here - you could always do a blogger makeup swap too!

  2. You've got some fab products there. Bourjois are really starting to emerge as a strong cosmetics brand. They've released so much good stuff recently. I still need to get my hands one one of those lip crayons.


    1. I agree - I've been a fan for years, but they're really broadening their range and upping their game now. Good luck getting the lip crayon - hopefully it'll be in stock now :)

  3. Great products, that blush is so pretty.

    1. Thanks Chantel - I love the colour it came out on me x

  4. I've not been able to get my hands on the blush yet but on everybody I've seen it on so far it looks so pretty! Java rice powder and their colour boost lip crayons are a daily staple in my makeup bag right now. Great post :)




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