15 Nov 2013

Argan + deep repair shampoo and conditioner, super smooth serum and precious oil elixir review

The change in weather makes it the perfect time to try some new hair products, and as we've just moved into much colder weather, moisturising hair products are in order...  

*Argan + shampoo and conditioner
My hair is feeling pretty dry and rubbish at the moment, well the length is anyway, so 'deep repair' sounded like exactly what I needed.  These guys contain argan oil which is rich in vitamin E plus amino acids and keratin to cleanse without stripping and to moisturise and repair the hair.

This duo worked well on my combination hair and didn't make my roots greasy, but they weren't quite as moisturising as I expected.  The shampoo got my hair really clean and the conditioner is nice and creamy, but my hair probably needs something a bit more intensive.  These are good for everyday but I think I need to be making the effort to use a hair mask once or twice a week if I want to sort out my sad and dry ends.

I know it's the product inside that's important, but it's also worth a mention that I really like the packaging of the shampoo and conditioner - they look much more appealing on my bathroom shelf than most shampoos I can find in the supermarket!  By the way these are currently exclusive to Waitrose.

*Argan + precious oil elixir
I've tried the Argan + precious elixir before and found it really good for using on my hands and nails to avoid dry and flakey cuticles in winter.  It's super moisturising and has a great, distinctive scent, so I was interested to try some more Argan Oil products.  I like to keep this in my handbag so that I can always sort out any dry patches as soon as they appear.  The only problem is that if the weather's really cold the oil can start to solidify!  It goes back to normal once you're home and warm though.

*Argan + super smooth serum
This is a heat protectant serum, so great for using when blowdrying and straightening.  Like the shampoo, it's designed to improve the condition of your hair as you use it, as well as giving hair an instantly smoother and sleeker appearance.

It's a light serum which isn't sticky and it's really easily absorbed so I don't really need to worry about using too much or having it weigh my hair down.  I tend to use a dew drops when my hair's wet and then a couple more when it's dry to tame flyaways and fluffy bits.  I'm getting through the bottle really quickly as it's only a 50ml size, but other than that I have no complaints and have really enjoyed using this - mainly because it's a serum that isn't heavy so if I get a bit near my roots by accident, it doesn't make my hair look greasy.  


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