29 Nov 2013

Brighton stagette with Eclipse Leisure

I was only just saying the other day that my blog takes me to some great places and affords me some amazing experiences, but my Brighton Stagette has to be one of the most random and I'll tell you why...

It all began with a text from Jayne asking me if I'd be free to go to Brighton the following weekend, the next thing I knew I was signed up for a stag or 'stagette' do with a mystery itinerary! 

Eclipse Leisure hosted me and seven other lovely bloggers for a day and a night in Brighton and gave us a full on Stag experience, and I mean full-on.  We had t-shirts with nick-names on the bag which ranged from cheeky to downright naughty, we went go-karting, on a pub crawl, for a curry, and like proper 'lads' we even stopped off for a quick lap dance!  

Once the full plan for the day was revealed, this is what we had to look forward to - 

1.30 Check in at Jury’s Inn hotel right by Brighton Station
2pm Mini bus transfer to first activity  
3pm Pizza lunch and go-karting safety briefing at Team Sport Brighton
4pm Seriously competitive go-karting!
5.15 Mini bus back to the hotel and get changed for the night out 
6.30 Brighton Lanes Mini Bar Crawl 
7.30 Indian Dinner & Beer at Chaula
9pm Platinum Lace Entry, Drink & Area 
10pm Priority Entrance to Shooshh in VIP area with drinks

The hotel was basic but all we needed for the one night stay and it couldn't have been more central for everything we were doing.  I was really worried the activity would be my worst nightmare, like paint balling, rock climbing or something related to crawling through mud, but luckily it was go-karting - I can handle that!  

I thought I'd be totally rubbish at go-karting as I've never had any driving lessons, but actually it was really easy to get the hang of and we all became really competitive and have a few high-speed crashes.  I knew all about it later that night and the next day - I had really achy arms and bruises in odd places - great fun though.  

Our bar crawl was cut a bit short as apparently we took a lot longer to get ready that the average group of male stags! We only had time to pop into one pub which was apparently the oldest in Brighton - not the most exciting bar crawl ever!  Apparently a stag do would usually be taken to one of the main streets with bars like Revolution for their bar crawl, but we decided to spend precious time doing our hair and makeup :) 

I didn't really like the choice of restaurant for our dinner as the service was really slow, the waitress was kind of scary and the food didn't taste how most of us expected.  Possibly this was a more 'authentic' Indian restaurant than I'm used to, but none of the food tasted like what I order from my local takeaway!  A shame because there were so many really cute and unusual looking little restaurants we walked past on the way which we could have gone to, but we were Stags for the night, so we had to do what lads do.  

The service was so slow at the restaurant that we were late for everything else on our agenda for the rest of the night - this wasn't a problem though and our tour guide sorted it all out and we went on to our first club entry.  I don't think any of us initially clicked that this wasn't just any old night club - it was a strip club!  It was certainly an experience - much less seedy than I was expecting, and I chatted to some of the dancers who were lovely and a lot of them were students trying to make extra cash while they were at University.  We were amazed by the tricks the girls could do on the poles - they must be so strong - one girl was literally just holding on by her armpit!  Seeing a guy getting a lap dance was a real eye-opener too, I had no idea how full on it is and now we know exactly what these Stags get up to!

We only stayed at the strip club for a short while and then it was on to our final destination at Shooshh which is right on the seafront.  Oddly nobody fancied a dip in the sea.  When we first got to the club it was a bit dead, but an hour or so later it was absolutely heaving and I was grateful that we had our own little reserved area.  A couple of the girls left early but the rest of us partied hard and had a really good time - I tried out my wing-womaning skills to great effect for the single girls in the group!

On our way back to the hotel in the early hours we stopped at a Kebab shop for chips, because surely that's what Stags would do :) 

It was a bit of a crazy weekend for me as I also had plans for Sunday and needed to get back to London early - after leaving the hotel at 8am (wow that was tough) I got to the station and found all the trains to London were cancelled because of a problem on the Gatwick line.  I had a very slow journey to somewhere called Three Bridges where the train left us stranded as it couldn't go any further.  The bus prospects weren't good, so I called my boyfriend for rescue by car - not a very Staggy thing to do ha!  I was knackered, achy and toally in need of a few Vitamin Supplements and a nap by the time I got home, but I'd had a great time.  

Thanks to Eclipse Leisure for inviting me down and paying for everything.  They offer a wide range of customisable stag events in Brighton elsewhere around the country and abroad too - check them out here.

The other girls made the trip the most fun so thank you Jayne aka Sticky Sambuca Face, Annie aka Disneyvore (this name may have changed by a couple of letters as the night wore on..), Ellie aka Princess Belle-end, Georgina aka Orgy Georgy, Lorna aka spunk and wet dreams (yes really, and her friend picked that for her!), Ronke aka ondolady and Tee aka Sweet Tee - it was lovely to meet you all and sorry for any abuse I hurled at you on the go-karting track! 


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