5 Nov 2013

Easy party season nail art - look 2 - firework / bonfire night nails

As it's the 5th of November today, it had to be firework nails.  I've tried to create firework inspired nail art before, but I've usually gone for big round glittery explosions, but I felt it looked too messy.  I wanted something much neater as well as easier to recreate, which I think I've managed here...

My nails are wearing a coat of black polish - L'Oreal black swan - followed by a stripe each of Nails Inc's emerald, pink diamond and sapphire nail jewellery polishes.  The beauty of this is that the stripes don't have to be all that precise or even - because it's glitter, nobody can tell if you've got a bit of a wobbly line going on!  I then added gold star stickers from this Elegant touch sticker set and neatened up the tips of the nails with a little more black polish to make all of the nails look slightly more uniform.  I topped the whole lot with a clear topcoat and I was done.  I promise you this was so easy to do and it'll certainly get your nails noticed!  

Are you wearing fireworks on your nails today?



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