6 Nov 2013

Easy party season nail art - look 3 - white hot sparkle

So easy it's practically cheating, but I couldn't do a nail art series without including a white look.  Glossy white nails were so popular in the summer and I think the perfect way to update them for the party season is to add some sparkle, and this polish called Lady from Barry M's new textured collection is perfect...  

It's a lovely pearly white polish packed with fine white glitter, and it dries to an interesting textured finish which makes it look even more glittery.  I'm not usually a fan of textured polishes - sometimes I think they can look like you painted your nails before bed and got them stuck to your duvet - but with a glittery polish it's a much more effective and pretty look.  Super easy snowy sparkles.

Have you tried any textured polishes?



  1. so christmassy, i love these!

    lovely post, i enjoyed reading!
    zofia xo


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