8 Nov 2013

Easy party season nail art - look 5 - subtle studs

Another incredibly easy but really effective way to add a bit of interest to you nails is with these cute gold studs...

I'm wearing Essie's cashmere bathrobe which is a deep grey with a very subtle and fine glitter which is almost undetectable on the nails.  The gold rectangle studs are little individual embellishments which I just dropped on top of the wet polish.  These studs from ebay are similar and they come in diferent shapes too.  I added quite a heavy amount of clear polish on top as it's quite easy to catch the studs and knock them off so lots of topcoat locks it all in place.  


1 comment

  1. Cute nail art idea, I recently bought a load of nail stickers I felt like I was 13 again! So old school but I love it




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