9 Nov 2013

Easy party season nail art - look 6 - glitter topcoats

If you fancy a more interesting nail look but really don't have the time or patience, a glitter topcoat is the way to go and these new limited edition polishes are perfect for the party season...

I've been trying out four new *show stopper topcoats from George at Asda.  Ice queen is a silver glitter strand polish which reflects a rainbow of colours as it catches the light.  Dotty is a black and white spotty polish which is a bit of a dupe for L'Oreal's confetti polish but it has an extra sparkle in the form of a fine green glitter running through - it's really subtle and won't show up over some colours.  Ruby slippers is a gorgeous red glitter made up of large and small glitter pieces tightly packed into a clear polish.  And lastly glitter bomb is a pretty multi-coloured glitter polish made up of purple/pink, silver and turquoise different sized round glitter.   

Over black these topcoats really pop  Ice queen looks extra sparkly, but dotty takes on a whole new personality.  Over black the black glitter fades into the background and the green fine glitter shimmers.  I don't love ruby slippers so much over black glitter bomb looks rather spectacular and I'd certainly wear it like this. 

I thought I'd pair each of the topcoats with something more exciting than just black and white, so I picked a colour I thought each of them went best with.  I put Ice Queen over my favourite bright blue polish for a sort of snowy look and Dotty looks amazing over this pearly silver.  The perfect compliment for ruby slippers is more red - this just screams Christmas day, and glitter bomb looks completely different and gorgeous over purple.  

The polishes cost just £3 each in store at Asda and are amazing quality for a value brand.  

Which is your favourite? 



  1. Oooooh glitter bomb looks right up my street!

  2. These are so pretty. I love glitter polishes. They all look really good over the black polish


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