20 Nov 2013

In my Space NK basket - goodie bag including £50 gift card

Space NK are having one of their amazing goodie bag events again, and this one's just at the right time for Christmas shopping...

If you spend £150 you can claim the goodie bag which is full of great products I really want to try as well as a £50 Space NK voucher.  Above are all of the products I'm basket dancing with for my order.

Okay so I confess, I'm Christmas shopping / treating myself. I might want everything here but I won't be getting it all - it's not hard to fill a £150 basket at Space NK!  Plus I don't need to buy the Eve Lom cleanser as it's in the  goodie bag, and also I can go back and get something I left behind with my £50 voucher.  

So here's what's in the goodie bag this time around...

Everything in here is either a deluxe sample size or an actual full-sized product which is usually sold at Space NK.  It's such an amazing deal that I predict a sell out by lunchtime - if you want to get your hands on this get filling your basket at spacenk.com and enter the code BAG20 at the checkout. 

What do you think of the goodie bag?  



  1. I love Space NK goody bags and this is a great one, especially with that gift card, but I think I'm going to have to give this one as miss as it's too near Xmas to justify spending this much on myself lol

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. You're right, very sensible - I just couldn't resist :)


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