17 Nov 2013

Not your average craft fair - Renegade Shoreditch

Where I live (borders of south east London and Kent), I wouldn't dream of going to a craft fair.  It'd be a pretty dull and old fashioned affair and I can't imagine finding anything I'd want to buy.  But last weekend Jayne (@JayneKitsch) took me to a craft fair in Shoreditch near Brick Lane, and it was like someone had tipped the contents of Etsy into an abandoned warehouse and let me run around in it...

There were so many awesomely creative people showcasing amazing and unusual jewellery, gifts and homeware and they were all so lovely and didn't mind me snapping away, so I thought I'd share the best bits.

 Brilliant woodland animal hilarity from Jimbobart

Cute seaside vintage accessories from home slice 

 I can't resist food with a face - kawaii designs by asking for trouble - I bought the meal planner pad

Because everyone needs a glittery stegosaurus brooch - designosaur

 Happy clouds and all sorts of adorable at Oh No Rachio!

More cute acrylic animals from La La Land
And I learnt a new Scottish word - Blether - "Och stop blethering oon"

 I need this 'words are for nerds' pencil from Vivid Please

 I was so taken with these grumpy looking bears from pymgy cloud

 And how could I not take a snap of a fish cushion.  Looks like a sea bass to me.  I think this is made anew 

 This cute hand-cut acrylic jewellery from i am acrylic reminds me of the twitter bird

 I couldn't resist Kayleigh O'Mara's quirky designs

I bought a moustache and a raincloud necklace

I really liked these customisable bunting necklaces from lucie-ellen 

And Jayne bought their wooden watermelon necklace

Really intricate acrylic work by hand over your fairycakes - and I love their brandname! 

I left the craft fair feeling so inspired, but also knowing I'd never be able to make anything half as good myself.  There was so much I wanted to buy on the day but we were off to an afternoon tea and I didn't take much cash with me, so I took away business cards so that I can buy online.  There were so many things that would make an ideal Christmas present and loads I wanted for myself - I'm feeling I may take up brooch wearing on my coats!

If you want to see more of the craft fair check out Jayne's blog post here - we snapped different stuff.

Spotted anything you like?



  1. I love craft fairs because there's always so many cute and quirky products that you won't find anywhere else. I love the owl decorations.


    1. I wish I took a note of where they were from - it's the only business card I forgot to pick up :(

  2. This looks like it was amazing! The bunting necklace is my favorite :) x


    1. I was so tempted but I'd just bought two necklaces!

  3. So gutted I could;t make this! I've been in touch with the people that run it (because of work) and they are lovely! They take the craft fair all over the US. Thanks for sharing your snaps x

    1. I'm so glad I went - didn't know what to expect and it turned out to be amazing! xx


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