2 Dec 2013

Swirly gold personalised monogram initial necklace from onecklace.com

Ever since I saw Lauren Conrad (serious style idol) sporting a cute little monogram necklace a year or two ago I've craved one of my own, but they were all just so expensive I couldn't justify it.  Finally I've found an affordable version and it's just as gorgeous...

onecklace.com have a wide range of personalised jewellery, but their stand-out piece has to be the *swirly gold monogram necklace which is the one that I went for.  The general idea is that if you have a name with three initials, you choose which order you want them to go in for your personalised necklace and you choose which metal you'd like and your chain length.  

Traditionally I believe a monogram would have the initial of your surname in the middle and then your first name initial on the left and your middle name initial on the right. I decided to have my first name initial - G - in the middle and put my middle name initial on the left and my surname initial on the right.  I know this can read as LGW which is the abbreviation for London Gatwick, but I don't care, I wanted it this way around! 

My middle name is Louise FYI - nearly every other Gemma I ever meet has the same middle name as me!

I'm really pleased with my necklace and had I not been offered the opportunity to receive a complimentary necklace for my blog, I would definitely have bought one.  

Shipping is from overseas, but it only took around a week to get to me and they offer free worldwide delivery.  You can pay if you want a faster method, and although the prices are in US dollars they take payment by paypal so it's really easy.  

Would you wear your initials on a necklace like this?



  1. It looks lovely! Really pretty and dainty. It's hard to decide what order to put the letters. I guess you naturally want them in the right order (first name, middle, surname), but if the middle letter is the biggest, it would be weird to have your middle name focused on like this. But I think you chose right, it looks really good.

    Victoria, x shabby-chic-home.com

  2. Oh this is such a good idea. I don't have a middle name though so mine wouldn't look very good haha.


  3. I love this so unique and pretty.my middle name is Marion!!! :-O

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  4. Nice necklace! I have a name one! :)



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