16 Dec 2013

Umberto Giannini glam hair #7days7ways

Umberto Giannini are currently challenging bloggers to use their range of glam hair styling products to create hairstyles with oomph and an edge.  Hair is really not my skill, but I've given it a whirl...

The challenge is called #7days7ways and Umberto Giannini have suggested seven different styles to give a bit of inspiration.  The brand's ambassador Tali Lennox models all of the looks on the Umberto Giannini site here.

My favourite looks, and the ones I thought I might just about manage to re-create myself are the messy boho and rockabilly glam which Tali is wearing below.

I decided a little mixture of both styles might work well for my hair, so I set about getting started by washing and blowdrying my hair as normal.  I have naturally straight hair, so after my hair was dry I parted it on the side and went in with GHDs to curl the lengths of my hair from below my ear to the ends.  I made a ringlet type curl and then sprayed each one with the *glam hair rock 'n' roll extreme hairspray which gives a strong hold without being sticky - and it smells really nice.  Once I was done I gave them a good shake and raked through with my fingers to loosen and rough them up a bit.

Next I used *glam hair backcomb in a bottle spraying it at the roots under the top sections of my hair and around the crown.  I ruffled the hair up at the roots with my fingers and then captured the top sections while they were full of volume and clipped one back on either side with kirby grips.

I'm quite impressed with what I managed to create considering my hair skills are pretty limited!  Backcomb in a bottle is really amazing for adding texture and volume without doing any actual backcombing at all - although if you want really high hair you can use it together with some backcombing.  

Laura from Belles Boutique who's clearly a bit of a hair whizz has mastered them all and has put together this fab video showing what she created so pop over to have a look at how she recreated all of the styles.  

You can find the Umberto Giannini glam hair range at Boots.  

Have you tried any products in the Umberto Gianinni glam hair range?



  1. Gorgeous hair look! Love the Backcomb in a Bottle

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

    1. Thanks hun - I was surprised how much volume I got without having to do any real back combing!

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous, you did a great job :) x

    Catherines Loves


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