6 Jan 2014

DIY: quick and easy earring storage solution

I'm planning to introduce more easy DIYs and crafty type things this year - my first is so easy I can't believe I didn't think of it before!  Here's how I store my stud earrings...

The idea dawned on me when I was looking at piles of mismatched studs strewn around and spilling out of my jewellery cups.  I'd had an earring 'tree' type thing before, but it took a lot of patience to sit and attach all of the earrings one by one, and I never used to keep it up, quickly going back to leaving earrings lying around.  I realised I'd hardly been wearing earrings because they were all in such a mess, so I started looking around for inspiration.  I needed something which would hold the earrings neatly in pairs, but was effortless to use.  My eyes spied a shoe box, and although it seemed like a daft idea, I thought I'd give it a try.

I just used the lid from the shoebox, which is only about an inch or less tall.  When placed on a surface only the edges touch, so there's all that free space in the middle underneath for earring posts to dangle.  I took my sturdiest old earring that I didn't mind breaking, and started piercing holes in a row along the top of the box lid.  You could also use a needle or something else sharp and pointy to do this.  

I gave it a little test with a few pairs along to top row - the earrings pushed in gently with their backs still on, stopping where the earring back starts, so they don't fall in too far.  I carried on making enough holes for all of the earrings and tried to keep them all evenly spaced, and I've got some room left for any more earrings I might buy.

Because you don't need to faff around with taking off earring backs it's really quick and easy to pick a pair of earrings and to put them back afterwards - exactly what I wanted!  

It's not the most ingenious DIY, but it's fixed the problem I wanted to solve - all I have loose now are dangly earrings, but I only have a couple of pairs of those anyway.  

You could do the same thing with any sized box lid to suit your earring collection, or you could do a couple of very small box lids depending on how you want to display them when you're done.  Super easy! 

How do you store your earrings?



  1. I just store all my earrings in a little trinket box, but I have the problem of not being able to find them when they're all mixed together. ♥
    You have quite a few owl earrings - so cute!

    Abigail x

    1. Same here, that's why I decided I needed something more organised! xx

  2. This is genius! I definitely don't own enough earrings to do this, but if I did I'd be on this!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥ HUGE Giveaway Now on!

  3. this is so cool! and your earrings are pretty too :)


  4. Very cute! You could probably also add a string to the back and hang it as sort of functional art :)

    1. I think they might fall out actually, but otherwise that would be a lovely idea x

  5. Such a great idea! And all of your wee earring are soo cute!! :)


  6. I love the idea.. I also LOVE the big gold bows!! I neeeeeed them, where are they from?! So so pretty x

  7. What a fab idea! I'm very tempted to do this but don't know where I would keep it so that the cats couldn't get to it and steal my earings :-/ x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  8. i had had a similar idea with thermocol sheets.. but they were not long lasting.. thanks a lot :)

  9. I love that! It is really easy to make and so organized! Also I'm in love with those earrings!!!


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