1 Jan 2014

Hey there 2014, I've been expecting you

Photo taken by me, over the arctic in Summer, from the air 

I'm not hugely into new year's resolutions - if I set myself a long list of unattainable goals I'm highly likely to fail!  But, I do always find the period between Christmas and New Year to be when I naturally reflect on the year gone by and start to make plans for the next, and these usually involve trying to better myself to some level, so I guess they're resolutions of a sort - maybe soft resolutions, and ones that are easier to achieve!

Eating habits
If you resolve to give up chocolate at New Year and stick to it all year, you deserve a medal, or maybe your own small country.  There's no way I'd ever manage something like this, but I do have plans to aim to be more healthy in achievable ways.  I'm thinking about making smaller portions accompanied by side salads, eating more fruits and vegetables and getting back into the 5:2 diet.  

Last year I challenged myself to blog every single day - although it was a great idea and I don't regret giving it a go, there were points in the year where it was just physically impossible to fit it all in, and I was beating myself up about not blogging enough.  I have a full-time job alongside blogging, so I need to accept in 2014 that I can't put out as much content as a full-time blogger, and I want to focus on quality over quantity.  I'm also already full of idea for new post series for 2014 - for example, I paint my nails almost every day, so why am I not sharing that on a regular basis?

I also want to say yes to more events, even if I'm afraid of not knowing anyone there - I need to put myself out there a bit more and master the art of chatting to complete strangers.  Being more confident and saying 'yes' more often is something I put into practise in 2013 with some good results, so I want to keep this going.

Ooooh and I'm getting a new blog layout and design in January to really freshen things up.

I have too much of everything crammed in at home, and still I buy more.  I really want to try to use and enjoy what I have a lot more, and to let go of the things I don't use or need anymore to make more space.  The spring cleaning bug has already bitten me, and while I was off over Christmas I started a big sort through all of my clothes and already have a big bag of things that I don't wear anymore or don't fit all ready for a boot fair or charity shop.  Obviously I have far too many beauty products too, so I'm focusing on using up all of those half empty bottles, and considering a blogsale for any unloved makeup.  

Pampering and taking care of myself
This might sound very 'poor little princess' but I don't make enough time to take really good care of myself.  I'm talking about taking time out for a face mask, or to do my full skincare routine rather than a hurried and abridged version each night and morning.  I need to practise what I preach a little more - I read tonnes of blogs and watch lots of youtube videos on haircare, at-home facials, new makeup tricks and all sorts, but I don't try enough of them out.  

Pinterest procrastination and DIYs
If only I had a pound for every time I'd pinned something on pinterest (or foodgawker, which is a similar site focused on recipes) and thought 'oooh I must try that' to never look at it again.  Maybe at least once a month I'd like to try a new recipe I've pinned, or give a DIY a go, and it could turn into something interesting to share on my blog too.

So there you go, no hard and fast resolutions as such, but this is the direction I'll be pointing myself in for 2014.  I'm hoping I can make it a great and exciting year - I already know I'll be going to New York, which I'm really looking forward to, but who know what other adventures could be waiting :) 

Do you make New Year's resolutions?



  1. Some good resolutions, one of mine is to make more of an effort with my skincare and using products too :)

    1. Must stick to that one - no point buying up half of boots if you're not going to use it!

  2. Love these resolutions! I too am so over far fetched ones which I'l never stick to. Skin care is on my list also! Check it out :-)



  3. The hoarding one is a good one, I used to be worse but still have a lot of stuff I don't use/ need. Happy New Year x

    1. My boyfriend's very keen for me to stick to that resolution!


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