31 Jan 2014

Nails: New from Models Own - hypergel review and swatches

Ooooh a new Models Own collection!  I’m always so excited to see what Model’s Own are bringing out as it’s never just a range of new colours, there’s always a twist and they’re not afraid to experiment with all sorts of textures and finishes.  The latest collection is called hyper gel, and it doesn’t disappoint.  

Hyper gel is a range of ten shades which have a super smooth, extra glossy and very plump gel-like formula.  They attempt to recreate the look and finish of a gel manicure, which generally has a very plump and glossy look on the nails.  One thing to point out is that the polishes don’t claim to have the same lasting power of a gel manicure – I find they last as long as any normal models own polish.  

The first shade I’ve been playing with, and the one which I think I’ve achieved the most gel-like look with is this pretty blue shade called cornflower gleam.  As you can see it’s super-duper shiny, and no, I’m not wearing a topcoat!  For some reason I’ve found this colour to come out glossier than the others I’ve tried, and it looks plumper on my nails even though I applied it the same way.   

This sugary sweet pink shade is called pink veneer.  I still love the glossy finish and brilliant coverage which is opaque in one coat, but for some reason this one just doesn’t look at much like a gel polish as the blue colour.  I think I need to try this one again and perhaps build up several thin coats.  When I first tried the polishes for this instagram photo I applied one very thick coat which gave a pretty good gel look, but I just couldn’t get my nails dry.  I even blowdried them and put seche vite on and they still wouldn’t fully dry.  Tempting as it is to apply one coat because of the thicker consistency of the polish, I think these do work better when you build up each layer, unless you’re very patient and still when drying your nails!  

And lastly I have lilac gleam which is a pretty pale lilac colour which is perfect for Spring time – actually all three of these colours will be getting lots of Spring-wear from me.  This is the least opaque of the three I have – possibly because it’s a less pigmented colour, but as I’ve been opting for the buildable coats technique, it’s easily opaque by the second coat, or in one thicker coat.  

There are ten shades in total and I’ve just ordered the nude shade, because I just have to own all of the nude polishes ever because I’m obsessed!  Models Own’s half price sale is currently on with the code HALFPRICE so if you get in quickly you might be able to bag one of the new hypergel polishes for just £2.50 before they hit the shop shelves.  



  1. Gorgeous colours - I love the gel look!

    Strawberries and Sparkle

  2. all the colors are gorgeous.....xoxoxo.....:)

  3. I love the pink shade, i guess this is there attempt to take on the barry m gellys! xx

  4. gorgeous colours , i got some gel nail polish today from the models own
    sale and i cannot wait to try it

  5. I love cornflower gleam, I don't think I've seen a colour like this before.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  6. All three colours are pretty. I love pastel shades. Models Own have done it again


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