19 Feb 2014

DIY: Peppermint and Avocado hair mask by dirtylooks.com

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When the hair obsessives at dirtylooks.com sent me over some of their hair recipes I decided I had to try this do it yourself mask. The lengths and ends of my hair really need a boost as they're looking very dull and lifeless lately, not to mention needing a little chop.  I have my avocado at the ready and I'm waiting for it to ripen up, so hopefully my hair will be in for a treat by the weekend! 

I've not really tried a DIY hair / face mask type thing before as they usually sound a bit gross and involve unpleasant things like raw egg, but this one sounds super refreshing and not at all icky!

Have you tried a DIY mask before?


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  1. I don't do DIY hair masks, mostly because a long, long time ago, I tried a mixture of raw egg (for moisture) and lime juice (for shine) in my hair, a recipe that I got from Marie Claire (I think), and I ended up with lime-scented scrambled egg in my hair when I tried rinsing it out. :-P Chic and Alluring


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