17 Feb 2014

Nails: swatches of the L'Oreal les blancs and top coat collections for spring / summer 2014

Pastel nail colours tend to come out every Spring, but it's the kind of colour palette I'll never tire of.  There's something so fresh and pretty about ice cream shades after a dark and dull winter, and it gets me every time.  L'Oreal's latest Spring offering has four beautiful pastel shades in formulas so brilliant that you'll want them even if you already have these colours in your collection.

The Les Blancs collection is made up of four gorgeous pastels inspired by a white base and porcelain texture.  From left to right these are Nouvelle Vague, Peach Neglige, Pistachio Drage and Lemon Meringue.  In my opinion they're all beautiful and absolute must haves for my collection.  I'm leaning towards Peach Neglige being my favourite, but I really love all four.  

There are also four new top coats to play with, and they stand out beautifully atop any of the Les Blancs shades.  From left to right these beauties are Disco Ball, Gold Leaf, Coco Chanel and Jackie O. The first two are fab glitters - disco ball is the one you may have a close dupe for in your collection, but probably not an exact match as it's made up of several different sizes of silver glitter.  Gold leaf is a really reflective shattered gold glitter which looks classy and interesting on the nails.  Coco Chanel and Jackie O are tweed inspired polishes made up of tiny strands of glitter - they're quite similar to the 'feather' nail polish trend.  Coco Chanel is classic black and white and Jackie O is made up of yellow, orange and turquoise strands.  

Above are some of the designs L'Oreal's nail artists came up with using polishes from the collection, and the mix and match french manicure which was done for me using all of the Les Blancs colours.  

Here's a closer look at my Les Blancs french mani.  Although these polishes are pastels they have a really opaque formula which goes on perfectly and is not at all streaky.  I don't think I can name many other pastel polishes which would be used as a french tip like this over another colour!

My favourite look of the lot and also my favourite mani I've done in a long time is this glitter half moon design.  I topped Nouvelle Vague with Disco Ball and Peach Neglige with Gold Leaf and I've never had so many compliments on my nails!

And lastly here are some swatches of the tweed topcoats.  On the left I've topped Lemon Meringue with Coco Chanel and on the right Jackie O is layered over Pistachio Drage.  

The new L'Oreal top coats collection should be out now and the Les Blancs colours will be hitting the shelves of Boots in March.  



  1. Beautiful manis, I love the pastel french versions you created :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. wow your nails look amazing! Great selection of colours too.




  3. Oo the pastel and glitter shades are so pretty! <3

    Ellen xx

  4. Totally love the pastel french mani up there! Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. wow these are so pretty, especially the half moon design you made!


  6. Love the pastel shades especially! Gorgeous!! :)

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

  7. Love the pastel shades!

    Amy xo

  8. The pastel shades totally remind me of your blog's layout; so nice and spring-y. I think they'd look so cute when worn on the nails and with designs to make them look like Easter eggs.

    Chic and Alluring

  9. A nail polish named after Coco Chanel?! *heart eyes* oooh so excited about this collection!
    Sinéad xo ♡ fabuleuse, toujours ♡

  10. Holly Molly, your pastels nail art are so CUTE! I really want to try this one out, I'm such a sucker for pastels and thanks God pastels is gonna in trend for spring! I have to buy these colours! xx thanks for the nicest nail art here!



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