3 Feb 2014

Valentine's day necklace picks

As it's now February I'm deeming it acceptable to start talking about Valentine's Day.  I think men are really hard to buy for when it comes to Valentine's gifts, as most stores gear up with gifts for women.  I guess the problem is the guys get spoilt for choice!  I think a necklace is a fairly safe choice for a Valentine's gift as you don't need to guess any sizes, or check for pierced ears.  I've picked out some of my favourites across all budgets.

Firstly, starting with the lowest priced piece I've picked out is this gorgeous Dorothy Perkins flower pendant which I spotted when I was out shopping at the weekend.  It's a lovely statement necklace that's not Valentine's related at all, it's just a really nice necklace.  

For something with more of the love theme to it, I like the Swarovski nouba necklace.  It's very Valentine's appropriate, but still nice and subtle - at first glance I don't think you realise the stones are heart shaped.  

This cute Kate Spade be mine pendant makes no attempt to hide its amorous intentions with it's little pink heart.  It has such a sweet name too.

Back to non-heart shaped jewellery and I'm loving this serious statement necklace - Zara multi stones necklace.  This is a stunner and I think you'd need to wear it with a rather plain outfit to let it shine away with no detraction. Lovely colours for Spring too.

I'm a huge fan of rose gold, so I couldn't resist eyeing up the Mark Milton entwine web rose gold necklace.  Most of my picks have been costume jewellery, but this is absolutely beautiful 18 carat rose gold.  I think it would be perfect as a special gift that's going to be worn and treasured for years into the future.

Not a necklace as such, although it can be worn as one, the Pandora sparkling heart charm make a lovely gift for any Pandora collector, and it supports the British Heart Foundation.

Lastly the most adorable of the lot is this Marc by Marc Jacobs animals necklace.  I have a soft spot for all things MJ anyway, but this has kitties and bunnies on it, what could be cuter?

Would you want to unwrap one of these on Valentine's day?


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