10 Mar 2014

Beauty: Illamasqua glamore collection review and swatches

I apologise for being so late talking about the wonderful Glamore collection from Illamasqua.  A beautiful collection of lip and nail products which I've been all over in terms of wearing them like crazy since I got them.  Without going into a rant or a moan, life's just been getting in the way lately and also with my trip to New York now so close (squeeeeeal!) my blog has been neglected.  One post a week seems to be the maximum I can manage right now - hardly what I intended for flutter and sparkle in 2014.  Hopefully I'll be able to sort that out really soon, but for now let's talk about gorgeous new punchy colours from Illamasqua!

I absolutely never know what to expect from a new Illamasqua launch, and I think that's half the fun.  They always surprise me and every collection is always completely different and often very quirky - remember the green lipstick?!  The glamore collection stands out in a different way - rather than breaking the usual makeup boundaries, Illamasqua seem to have broken their own mould by launching their first non-matte lipsticks and they've continued their love affair with what I like to call nail art in a bottle - striking and super interesting polishes that are so much more than just colour.  

The glamore polishes are called shattered star - they're full coverage, multi-dimensional glitter polishes.  The first is a rosy pink called Fire rose, below is a glitzy nude called Trilliant and lastly the fiery orange is Marquise.  

The coverage you get with these polishes is immense - they're made up of an incredibly fine glitter interspersed with much larger glitter particles which affords the opacity and the glitz all at the same time.  Trilliant is my favourite - It's like a super classy take on a glitter polish.  Fire rose and Marquise are beautiful too - marquise will be so gorgeous in the sunshine as it's so rich and vibrant.  

Although the polishes are serious glitters, I didn't find them hard to remove.  Perhaps it was because of the base coat I used, but I actually managed to peel these off easily rather than spending hours scrubbing with cotton wool.  They actually came off so easily that it meant they also chipped  very quickly on me.  I found they lasted longer without a topcoat than with oddly enough.  

Onto the lipsticks and we have three satin finishes - Illamasqua's lipstick line has previously been purely made up of matte shades only.  The formula of these lipsticks is wonderfully creamy and moisturising and they're very heavily pigmented, bold colours as you'd expect from Illamasqua.  

From left to right the Glamore lipsticks are Luster, Soaked and Glissade.  There are plans to bring out more shades in the future too.  

Luster is my favourite and I can never resist a candy pink.  Glissade is also lovely and I think it works well with my colouring.  Soaked is seriously orange and I don't think I pull off orange very well at all, but I know lots of people love it more than a red lip and it's very much an 'in' colour at the moment. 

The glamore collection is available now at illamasqua.com



  1. All the shades are really pretty...It's really difficult to go for one shade....xoxoxo....:)

  2. I haven't bought anything from Illamasqua since they launched the speckled polishes. I couldn't choose a favourite if I tried, all three polishes are amazing and if they don't need a topcoat, that's even better. I've always loved the Illamasque packaging as well.

    Grace :)

  3. WOW, so interesting Blog. Maybe want follow each other? If yes, just follow me, and i follow you back.

  4. wow!! Love these colours for spring! Have to check Illamasqua's site! ♥♥♥

  5. gorgeous colours , i love them all, i want to buy so many things from Ilamasqua :)
    Melissa | theinkedblonde


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