25 Mar 2014

Introducing ebay collections

I'm back from New York and while I've been away on holiday and a bit of an extended blogging break, ebay have launched a great new feature called collections.  It's a new way of getting inspiration and tracking down some of the best finds ebay has to offer.  Loads of bloggers including myself were invited to create their own collections around their preferred themes - I went for beauty of course!  

You can have a look at the collections I've created here and have a browse to see what everyone else has been gathering too.  You can follow collection boards and people, or just search for what you're after, which can be a lot easier than trawling the thousands of search results you might usually get.  It's like someone's done that bit of the hard work and just left you with the real hidden gems.  

I'm loving this collection of iphone covers with little quotes on, these beautiful statement necklaces and these fun Japanese beauty products.  From my own collections my favourites are my round up of the best US drugstore beauty products (yes you can find them all on ebay!) and this pretty collection of spring nail polish colours.

Have a little browse of the ebay collections people have already created, choose some to follow, and maybe get going on some of your own - beware, it's quite addicitive!  


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