21 Apr 2014

Easter baking with bakingmad.com

I hope you've had a good Easter whatever you've been up to.  I had plans to do lots of baking, but I was struck down with a horrible cold for most of the Easter weekend :(  I'm feeling much better now and just in time to try out a chocolatey Easter treat from bakingmad.com

I was sent some baking chocolate and chocolate icing sugar to play with, so I headed straight for the chocolate recipe section and picked out this classic chocolate cake recipe.  Although it's labelled as 'classic' and also as 'easy', the recipe was a bit more involved than the basic chocolate cakes I usually make, and you can really taste the difference.  This one used muscavado sugar, which gave the cake a really deep and rich taste.  

To continue with the chocolate overload (no complaining from me) I picked out this fudge frosting recipe to fill and top the cake as I wanted to incorporate the chocolate and chocolate icing sugar.  

And here's the cake, which turned out pretty well.  The recipe was clearly laid out and very easy to follow, so I was expecting good things!  My cake decorating skills leave a little to be desired though I think - I'm more adept in piping swirls of buttercream frosting than arranging Easter chicks!  

The recipes I used are here - classic chocolate cake recipe and fudge frosting recipe - and there are lots of other very tasty recipes to try at bakingmad.com - let me know if you give any of them a try.  Happy Easter!  



  1. This looks amazing! I am definitely going to try out the recipe!

  2. Looks amazing!

    Lovely post,
    Zofia xo

  3. Okay I just drooled on my keyboard. That cake is so, so cute :) Happy Easter x

  4. Oh, how cuuute! I love how simple and rustic it looks. It's definitely on my to-do list now.

    For Easter, I made a bunny cake, which you can see here: www.ChicAndAlluring.com

  5. We did some baking over Easter, we made tons of cookies and cupcakes, still swirling in them now! This cake looks amazing though, so much chocolate! xxx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door


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