28 Apr 2014

Beauty: Nivea cellular anti-age range review

For the last few weeks I've been trying out the new Cellular anti-age range from Nivea.  The range has been designed to rejuvenate skin's cells and to stimulate surface skin renewal for a younger looking appearance.  Smoother looking skin is always high on my agenda, so I was really keen to give these a try, plus I just love that 'Nivea' smell which always brings back childhood memories of my Mum using creams in blue pots :)

The day and night cream have both the texture and fragrance I was expecting from Nivea products.  They're quite rich, substantial creams which feel comforting as they go on to the skin, and they absorb nicely without a greasy feeling.  The night cream especially feels really nice to apply at the end of the day, it leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated, and it's naturally richer than the day cream.  Both contain hyaluronic acid (which is the main ingredient in one of my favourite products - Hydraluron) which boosts the skin's absorption of the key ingredients.  

I was concerned about the day cream possibly being too rich for my combination skin.  What I found was that my makeup applied well on top of it, so no issues there, but my face was getting shiner during the day around the t-zone, so the cream's a little too moisturising for me in those areas, but it's perfect on drier patches, like my cheeks.  

I've also been using the concentrated serum and the eye cream from the range as my steps before moisturiser.

The eye cream feels very gentle and cooling and leaves my eye area looking that little bit fresher.  You need the tiniest amount, so this will last the longest of the four products I think.  I really like a good eye cream and for several years now I've always tried to make sure it's a product I never skip.  Some eye creams however can be extremely rich and make my concealer sit funny on top, looking streaky or simply stopping it from blending in.  I don't get that with the Nivea Cellular eye cream as it has a nice light formulation, and as long as I let it sink in for a couple of minutes, I've had no trouble with my eye makeup.

The serum is also very light, and has more of a watery texture than the silicony feel that the word 'serum' can sometimes put you in mind of.  I don't usually use both a serum and a moisturiser, but the two from the Nivea range seem to work really well in tandem on my skin, and it hasn't felt like I'm overloading my face with product.  I quite like the idea that my skin is getting the extra benefits from wearing both products at once, and hopefully this way I'm maximising the potential anti-ageing payoff.  
All four of the products in the range have worked well for me (the night cream being my favourite of the bunch), and I think it's a good alternative to high end anti-ageing ranges if you're on more of a budget.  The full Nivea Cellular range is available at Boots.  



  1. I'm very tempted to try this range since I've heard great things about it, nice detailed review :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Oh, I am definitely interested in the serum. Too bad the only Nivea products we get here are the body care ones; that's it!

  3. Very nice and detailed review dear.....xoxoxo.....^_^



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