29 Apr 2014

Beauty: Urban Decay heavy metal loose glitters review and giveaway

I have some seriously super sparkly goodness for you today - these are the new heavy metal loose glitters from Urban Decay.  They come in six bold statement shades and each one gives a tremendous sprinkle of sparkle - they're like fireworks for the face!

The six shades are all available separately and the colours from top to bottom are Catfight (pink), Reverb (blue), Loaded (green), Goldmine (gold), ACDC (purple) and Pyrotechnics (pearly white).  To make them stick to your skin you need to use the adhesive designed to go with the new glitters, which is called Bondage.  It's a mascara sized product containing a white gel type liquid with a lipgloss brush type applicator.  

To apply the glitters you need to first put a light layer of Bondage on the area where you want the glitter to stick.  It applies quite thinly, which is what you want, and it dries clear.  When you add the glitter on top it adheres well wherever you've applied the Bondage base.  

As you can see, the glitters are quite a large size and of the chunky variety, so you're always going to get a very bold look.  I've seen some people applying them quite sparingly on the lids, but I'm not sure that gives the prettiest result.  Personally I think they look nicest when packed on to give a more opaque look, and the best way to achieve that it to apply them with a wet brush, which is what I've done in the swatches below.   

The glitters adhere really well to the skin when using Bondage, but with glitter like this you're always going to get some fall out and end up with glitter where you might not want it, such as a spec or two on your nose, so it's best to apply with time and patience.  Once you've achieved the look you're after these will last for hours until you want to take them off.  I found removal pretty easy with a standard cotton pad and cleanser, although it can take a little effort to get every spec gone, and I took extra care to avoid rubbing any glitter into my eyes.  

All in all I love the sparkle that these offer, and for a special occasion or maybe a festival or fancy dress I'll certainly be reaching for these to jazz up my look.  The green and irridescant white are my favourite shades.  

The glitters cost £10 each and you can buy them at selected Debenhams stores.  

If you'd like to win a set of sparkly Urban Decay goodness to play with yourself, I have a little giveaway which may interest you!  To win a brand new full set of all six glitters, plus a tube of Bondage adhesive, all you need to do is enter the giveaway using the rafflecopter widget below.  Good luck!



  1. wow! These look great! I am not a glitter fan but I think I have to try these!


  2. I <3 the purple! thanks for the giveaway

  3. I've been wanting to pick these to for so long but the price tag and how often I'd use them is putting me off, I hope I win! :) xxx

  4. These glitters are amazing! Fingers crossed and good luck everyone

  5. Can't beat a whole lot of glitter- Urban Decay is amazing!

  6. Oh my goodness those shades are amazing! I think Reverb might be my favourite but they're al gorgeous. I can totally understand why you would need to take time with these, not just something you can apply in a hurry but really worth the effort!!
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    Simone | Thirty Something OAP


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