12 May 2014

Beauty: Kiko life in Rio collection

I love a summer makeup collection - it's the beautiful bronze tones and pops of bright colour that you probably wouldn't reach for at other times of year.  Kiko's not disappointed with their first summer collection for this season - the Life in Rio collection ticks all of the boxes for bright, exotic shades and gorgeous tropical packaging.

Tropical waterproof eyeliners in 04 - sugarloaf blue and 06 sugar brown

I was very excited to these tropical waterproof eyeliners.  I'm not blessed with long or full lashes, so my eyes feel quite naked without a slick of liquid liner, and back can get a little bit boring and predictable.  I probably wouldn't venture into anything too bright or wild, but this bright blue and chocolaty brown are pretty much perfect.  They're lovely and glossy, and most importantly waterproof, or else they'd have no hope of staying put on my lids.  The brush is a little bit fiddly to use, so patience and a steady hand is required!

Creamy touch eyeshadow duos in 100 - charcoal and steel and 103 - ebony and aquamarine

Apologies for the slightly blurry swatch!  These are two of the eyeshadow duos from the collection.  They're slightly chubby, double ended pencils which are incredibly soft and creamy.  You can apply these directly from the pencil all over or as a liner, or for a more subtle or precise look you could use a brush.  The aquamarine end of the 103 pencil will be beautiful as a lower lid / lash line colour for summer.

Exotic shine lipsticks in 05 - original magenta and 02 - attractive papaya

There are six lipstick shades in the Life in Rio collection, all with a creamy formula.  Original magenta is my favourite, and hearty rose (shade 01) also looks like really pretty nude-pink shade.  

Sun show nail lacquer in 472 - tasty grapes and 469 - delicious mango

All of the polishes in the Life in Rio collection (10 shades) are bold, bright, jewel-like colours with shimmer and a metallicy or duo-chrome finish.  Tasty grapes is a duo-chrome which can look golden as it catches the light.  They're all very beautiful colours, but I just can't seem to get into liking metallic and duo-chrome polishes and still prefer my creme shades - I think I must be a bit boring!

Essential bronzer in 201 sienna melange and Sun lovers blush in 02 Copacabana coral

Although I didn't expect it at first, the essential bronzer from this collection has turned out to be one of my favourite KIKO products and I've been using it every day for the past few weeks.  I think the main attraction for me is the huge mirror - I've been using it to do my makeup, so it means this bronzer is always on hand and I've not reached for anything else!  It's a lovely warm bronzer with just the right amount of shimmer, and it gives a perfect sun kissed glow.  It's quite a dark shade for my skin tone though, so I have to concentrate and remember to apply it sparingly!  

The sun lovers blush goes perfectly with this bronzer too - the coral shade looks a bit extreme here because it's heavily swatched, but it can be built up slowly for a more subtle flush.  The bronzer side on this one I've not really used yet as I've been obsessed with the essential bronzer, but I'd say this one's more of a hi-lighting bronzer for the tops of the cheeks or other high points as it has a lot more shimmer to it and a paler bronze tone.  

As usual with KIKO, the full Life in Rio collection contains tonnes more products and shades, so take a peek at the full offering here at kikocosmetics.co.uk.  



  1. The packaging is so colorful and inviting and great vibrant shades :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. i neeeeeed the essential bronzer in my life! Looks amazing

  3. Those lipsticks are right up my street! I love Kiko products but I just wish they were more available…



    1. If you're in London try their lovely new Regent Street store xx

  4. Lippy shades are so pretty....love both of them....xoxoxo....^_^


  5. The lipsticks and bronzer look gorgeous, unfortunately I could never pull off any of the blues but the packaging is divine! XO


    1. Most of the time I wouldn't either, but I always make braver colour choices in summer!

  6. I've just discovered Kiko. I love their make up. Its really good and very reasonably priced.
    Thank you for this post :).


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