24 Jun 2014

Skincare: Benefit Triple performing facial emulsion and It's potent eyecream review

Since the start of the year, on and off I've been using some Benefit skincare, so I thought it was high time I revealed all about my new favourite moisturiser...

This has been my first experience trying skincare from Benefit - I love their makeup and own plenty, but I'd never really taken a look at any of their skincare until I received a sample sachet of the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion with a purchase from a Benefit boutique.  I say sachet, but the sample was quite big and contained enough moisturiser to try out for about three or four applications.  It was enough to get me hooked, and I also had a sample of the It's Potent eye cream, which also seemed pretty good from my little sample, so I got both in the full sizes.

The Triple Performing Facial Emulsion is a bit of a revelation for me.  My skin is combination with both oily and dry patches, and this moisturiser is such a saviour for me.  It's very hydrating but it's also oil free, which is just what I seem to need. My skin enjoyed it back in the colder and drier months of January and February and it's still liking it now in June, even on the sweatiest of days, and that hardly ever happens to me with any skincare product or foundation - I usually have to constantly change my products with the seasons.  

I'm just at the end of my second bottle of the facial emulsion and am about to buy my third, so you can safely confirm that I like it!  My favourite thing about this moisturiser (and probably the most important factor to me) is how it sinks into my skin and how my makeup sits on top of it.  There are plenty of moisturisers I've tried which seem to literally repel any foundation I try to apply, but so far, this has worked well with every foundation I've tried.  Result!

Also I now know that the full sized 50ml bottle lasts me precisely three months, which at £21.50 is pretty good value in my opinion.  A good point worth mentioning is that although this is a glass bottle with a pump I find that I can get nearly all of the product out by tilting it around to get the last of the product up the pump - I know wastage is often an issue with products in glass packaging, but not with this one.  

The It's potent eye cream is also rather nice, but it's not blown me away to the same degree as the facial emulsion.  Although, that could be because I've not been that consistent with using it because I've also been trying out some other eye creams along the way.  It's designed to fade dark circles as well as smoothing away fine lines whilst hydrating the eye area and restoring firmness.  It certainly sinks in well, hydrates nicely and doesn't irritate my eyes when I use it.  I also use another eye cream for fading dark circles at night time, so it's hard for me to tell if the Benefit eye cream has been working on this area, although maybe they're both tackling the problem?!

I'm so impressed with the facial emulsion and am now keen to take a look at the rest of Benefit's skincare offering when I'm picking up another bottle.  I have my eye on the Instant comeback serum and ultra radiance re-hydrating facial mist.  

If you have combination skin like mine, what's your favourite daytime moisturiser?



  1. The bottle is so cute! I have a sample of this myself so I should really dig it out to try. I'm combo too and your review sounds fab x


  2. I absolutely love the packaging of these! I'd love to try the facial emulsion it sounds so good.

    The Sunday Chapter

  3. I love the packaging of all Benefit products, and this does not disappoint! Definitely something to add to my shopping list next time I take a trip to Benefit :)
    Mia xx

  4. The packaging for this one is so charming, with an Old World apothecary feel. Love it! Perhaps I shall give the emulsion a try; it sounds great!


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