29 Jun 2014

My IMATS London 2014 experience and haul!

As I mentioned last week, this year for the first time, I went to see what all the excitement was about at IMATS London 2014.  I really enjoyed every aspect of the day, and would certainly go again in the future - the shopping was brilliant, there was so much to see and experience and although I'm just a makeup lover and not working in the industry at all, I found everything really interesting and fascinating. 

Shopping at IMATS was an amazing although slightly crazy experience!  Some of the stands were so ridiculously busy that I didn't even get a good photo of them.  I did still manage to do quite a bit of shopping, you just had to be patient, ignore the elbows and backpacks narrowly hitting your face and concentrate on extreme swatching!  Some stands were busier than others - Nars had hoards of people at all times, and that queue you can see in the first photo was for NYX.  It was incredibly long all day, so I didn't bother joining it.  I like NYX, but I thought I could just order some stuff online rather than wasting time waiting.  

Nars were offering 30% off although they weren't carrying their full range.  They also had some gift sets for £15.  Inglot also had 30% off, MAC had a 15% discount (but didn't have what I wanted!), plus more for Pro card holders and Make Up Forever had discounts which I think were somewhere between 20 and 30% off.  Other stands such as Crown Brush, Bobbi Brown and OCC also had various discounts and special offers, and there were lots of independent makeup stockists there selling various brands - in the end I was just checking out the prices of the individual items I wanted to buy and decided if I thought it was a good deal.  

Aside from shopping, I also really enjoyed checking out all of the amazing demonstrations going on around the stands.  Some of the looks took hours of work and you might see the starting point on your way round and then later on bump into the model shopping on her break with the full look completed!  I was fascinated with some of the amazing body art going on (particularly on the hot guys), as well as the film and theatrical transformations with makeup, masks and costumes - especially the really creepy and gruesome ones! 

We took a break from looking around the show for an hour, to watch a talk and demonstration from Pablo Rodriguez, one of MAC's senior makeup artists.  He was demonstrating catwalk and editorial shoot makeup looks - it's so different from every day and 'beauty' looks, and it was really interesting to see the different products and techniques he used.  I picked up a few tips I might be able to try myself, and also noted down a couple of new MAC products I want to get.  

I spent most of the day with my all too encouraging shopping buddy Kat from Tales of a Pale Face and also Jade from Beauty Butterfly who I met for the first time at IMATS. 

And finally, the haul!  Just a quick snap of all the products from when I got home last night - I bought a lot more than I thought I did!  I'll do another post with all of the products I bought really soon.  

Have you been to IMATS, or do you think you'll go next time?



  1. This looks amazing, so jealous that I couln't go! I love all the body art, and there looks to be such great deals :) What an amazing haul!
    Mia xx

  2. Loved this post! IMATS sounds like a makeup lover's dream!! x

  3. I am totally in love with the pictures and lovely haul...:)


  4. I completely forgot about it, until I was walking around london yesterday and spotted everyone with the IMATS bags! Gutted I didn't go, maybe next year :)

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty & Lifestlye Blog!

  5. Couldn't make it this year but definitely going next year! Will start saving now I think


  6. I was going to go this year but I didn't! You got sooooo many things, so jealous!!!!
    alicekatex ♥

  7. Wow, that looks so amazing! I hope to go to the one in LA next year, as I couldn't go to the one that took place this past January. The London Imats taking place in June sounds perfect to me! The LA one was in January, right after Christmas...when nearly everybody was broke from holiday shopping and tired of shopping. :-P


  8. IMATS looks amazing, I've always wanted to go and it looks like you got some great stuff! <3

  9. I spot me in one of your pictures! I'm one of the idiots in the stupidly long NYX que ha! You got some amazing things
    Bea x
    As Seen By Bea


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