13 Jun 2014

My new summer fragrances - Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight and Hugo Boss Ma Vie - review

It's been a little while since I bought a new perfume, so I decided to have a look at what new fragrances were out for Summer and ended up picking out these two beauties, plus there's a third I can't wait to see released!

As always I'm a sucker for the Marc Jacobs perfumes, so it was inevitable that I'd finally pick up Daisy Delight.  Ma Vie was an unplanned purchase as I'd not come across it before I was passing through the airport and after one sniff I knew I needed to take it home.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight is such a beaut - I can't get enough of those pretty floral bottle caps.   I almost bought Honey last year just because I thought I'd like it and I loved the styling of the bottle, but it seemed a bit sweeter than what I'd usually wear, so I gave it a miss.  When it comes to Daisy perfumes however, all the variations are always exactly my kind of fragrance - floral but not too heavy, and still fresh and light - I think gardenia always features throughout the Daisy range as a bit of a signature note.  The original Daisy is one of my all time favourites and I always have a bottle in reserve!

Daisy Delight is a limited edition fragrance for summer.  As you'd expect from the Daisy range, it's a lovely floral blend, but it's not overly sweet.  This one is a combination of quince flower, freesia, apple, gardenia, peony, musk and cedarwood.  Comparing this to the original Daisy and also the Daisy Eau So Fresh which I have on the go at the moment, Daisy Delight is closer to the original but I think it smells a little bit sweeter and has more of a fruitiness too it. 

Daisy Delight is certainly going to become a summer favourite for me - it's a shame it's limited edition!  I picked up this 50ml bottle from Escentual.com and it's currently £40.80.

Ma Vie is the new fragrance from Hugo Boss.  I spotted this alongside a huge poster of Gwenneth Paltrow (the face of the fragrance) when I was waiting to fly home from a work trip.  One of the assistants told me gave me a spritz and I instantly loved the scent.

On first sniff it smelled a lot like passion fruit, all tropical and amazing.  It's actually a blend of cactus blossom, pink freesia, jasmine, rose and cedarwood.  But it definitely smells like passion fruit to me, and it's gorgeous.

Ma Vie launched as an exclusive to World Duty Free and I paid £40 for 50ml.  It'll be launching into other shops later this month.  World Duty Free also have an initial exclusive of the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream which I can't wait to get my hands on.  I need to find someone who's going away soon to pick me one up!

What's your summer scent this year?



  1. I'm also a sucker for Marc Jacobs perfumes (I have 'Dot' and 'Honey') - I love the bottle of your Daisy - so pretty and girly. You've kinda made me wanna buy it now! Haha

    Leanne @ rainbowsandbeauty

  2. I have yet to smell this edition of Daisy; so many products to test, so little time. :-(
    My Summer 2014 perfume changes almost weekly, but right now, it's definitely Escada's "Rockin' Rio."

    1. Oooh I've not tried that one, another to add to my list!

  3. I love Daisy so I need to add Daisy delight to my list! Sounds amazing! :)
    Nicola xx

  4. So happy to know somebody besides me actually has dedicated summer scents! I didn't like this Daisy, but the new Dream Daisy is alright - gorg bottle, too!


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