25 Jun 2014

Nails: My summer nail polish buys (so far..)

 As I already have a bit of an overflowing collection, I try not to buy too many new nail polishes, or I at least check what I already have and try to avoid dupes!  Lately I've been attracted to quite a few of the new collections out for summer and realised I'd bought a few more than I intended, so I thought I'd share the results of my illicit hauling....

There's just something so satisfying to me about sitting down and painting a nail wheel and admiring the swatches.  Maybe I'm a bit odd, but I was sitting out in the sunshine playing with my new polishes and felt so happy and relaxed - is there a job out there where I can do this all day every day please?!

First up, What a pansy and In a lily bit from China Glaze's city flourish collection for 2014.  These shades are so perfect to me, and having them sitting there next to each other is just perfection.  I'm harking back to the 'purple people eater' obsessive days of my childhood I know, but I had to add these to my collection and I'm glad I did.  Both are lovely fully matte creme shades.  What a pansy is a true purple, and I promise you I don't own another just like it!  In a lily bit is somewhere between a cool pink and a lilac - love.

Next are the OPIs I've recently amassed.  I haven't indulged in an OPI purchase in a while and I don't really know why.  When wearing taupe-less beach repeatedly after getting it I was reminded what good quality OPI polishes are - they genuinely last longer on my nails without chopping than any other brand I wear.  

I randomly went for If you moust you moust from the Minnie Mouse collection in 2012.  It was to replace a bright pink creme which recently leaked and had to be thrown away - I'd originally been looking a getting the bright pink from the Brazil collection (Kiss me I'm Brazillian) but preferred this one on the day.  From the OPI Brazil collection for 2014 I naturally homed in on the nude shades and picked up Taupe-less beach and Don't bossa nova me around.  Neither are groundbreakingly different at all, they're just very good quality, high coverage, creamy neutral shades.  

I also bought something I didn't expect to ever want or need again since advancing past the age of about 14 - a silver mirror shine polish.  I remember back in the day always wanting nails with the finish of shiny tin foil (not sure why) and no matter which brand said it had a silver 'chrome' or 'mirror' polish, it was just another dull silver and I was always disappointed.  Things have moved on somewhat though, and OPI's push and shove from the Gwen Stefani collection really gives a truly shiny, reflective, smooth silver and I'm loving it.  It's not something I intend to wear on all ten nails at once, but I'm really liking it as an accent nail or as part of a nail art look.  It's worth noting that you need to apply it over a good base coat to get a smooth finish without any little bumps and imperfections.  

Now this is the first Nails Inc polish I've bought in a long old time.  Nails Inc used to be my favourite brand and I have a huge back catalogue of their polishes in my stash, but it's not really growing.  When I think about why, it's nothing Nails Inc are doing wrong - they're still making great polishes and always have a new effect out - I think it's that all of the other polish brands have upped their game, especially the cheaper brands, and it leaves me feeling that Nails Inc polishes are just a bit too expensive these days when compared to what else is out there.  That said, Westbourne Gardens from the Nails Inc Garden Party collection is pretty enough to have had me forking over the cash.  It's a pretty summery mix of pink, white and gold glitter and it gives an adorable, princess-y finish over a baby pink.  

I love a good Essie polish, but I do find that some of their new collections contain very close dupes to old ones, so I try to do my homework before having a splurge.  That said, the Resort Fling collection for 2014 seemed to have colours which were quite different, so I ended up getting them all.  The one that's not here is Under the twilight - I didn't include it in this collection as it's a super dark indigo and it didn't fit the summer polish theme!   Cocktails and coconuts - don't judge me but I was sold just on the name - is a beige / nude with just a hint of sparkle - it's shown up darker here than in real life.  Resort fling is a coral jelly which looks lovely in the bottle but it's much more of a true orange when I wear it, and sadly I just don't like orange nails on me, so this one was a bit of a mistake.  Find me an oasis was a better choice - it's a pale whiteish blue which applies really well.  Lastly here is a polish from Essie's spring 2014 collection.  Of the six polishes available nothing really grabbed me or stood out as being all the different, so I just opted for a fairly standard, but very beautiful all the same, pale pink called Romper room.  It's an ideal sort of baby pink shade, but it can be a bit tricky to apply and needs a few thin coats and some patience.  

Lastly, I picked up two of Barry M's new additions to their gelly range.  I really love the Barry M gelly polishes for both the quality and the price and I'm so pleased that they keep adding new colours.  I'm lauging at myself for being so predictable after what I've just said about my OPI choices - here we are again with two super neutrals - one light and one dark!  Saying that though, Barry M coconut is quite a different take on a neutral polish - it's not quite white and it's not in nude or beige territory - it's pretty much the colour of actual cream.  Almond's not revolutionary, I can't lie about that, but although it' is another muddy, griege, deep nude shade, I stand by my decision to buy it because it has the amazing Barry M gelly formula.  

So there you go, those are all of my spring / summer nail polish purchases - nothing further to confess, for now!

What polishes have you been buying for summer?  Are there some other collections I need to check out?



  1. I love the look of OPI Push And Shove, it's stunning! I've been on the hunt for the perfect metallic shade and I think I may have just found it, thank you :)
    Mia xx

    1. It's a beauty, I think you'll love it :)

  2. Oh wow you've got so many! I really want to buy some new summer polishes, even though I have loads already! What a Pansy is my favourite!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  3. Love all your picks! Surprisingly, I haven't really bought many new polishes in the last couple of months! Only a couple of the new pastel Barry M gelly polishes and a few others. I totally skipped all recent Essie releases and I'm not sure why! As you said, nothing really grabbed me, apart from Find me an Oasis, but I couldn't find it in store (I don't know if it even came into Boots) so I left that but Romper Room is actually really lovely! Will probably get that one, if I can track it down :)

    Jessica | Jessica’s Journal ♥

  4. wow....you have a nice collection and resort fling looks so pretty....:)


  5. 2 more to add to my collection - will have to get two of the Essie nail varnishes, Resort Fling and Find Me an Oasis.

    I have bought far too many nail varnishes this summer - the majority from Barry M!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

  6. I do like the look of the Essie polishes, I didn't see them in store. I chose not to get Barry M coconut but now I think I may need it as I haven't tried a cream polish before xx

  7. Great picks indeed! I am so curious on that garden party one. I super love the color and the glitters in it. I also wanna try that OPI push and shove.

  8. Can't believe how great the Push And Shove looks! I have been very good in the past year and have given some of my polishes away and didn't buy any new ones (and I'm still left with collection of over 600) but this one is definitely on my Xmas wish list! Thanks Gem! Love, Helena


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