4 Jun 2014

Nails: New releases from Models Own

Today I'm checking out some new summer launches from Models Own including new additions to their line of scented polishes, a new rainbow topper and finally a hypergel topcoat!

Models Own have added two new shades to their range of scented fruit pastel polishes.  This gorgeously creamy looking off-white is called coconut cream, and you betcha, it smells like coconut.  I'm just a teeny bit coconut obsessed and love both the subtle sweet fragrance and the chic, fresh shade of this polish.  It applies really well for such a pale shade and covers quickly and evenly in two coats.  

The second shade is peach melba which is a really pretty, vibrant peach shade.  I don;t love the fragrance of this one as much as the coconut, but it does smell like peaches, and it's subtle enough not to be overpowering.  I found the formula of this one a little on the gloopy side, so it was more difficult to apply than coconut cream, but it gave really good opaque coverage.  

It's totally unnecessary for nail polishes to be scented of course, but I really like this gimmick, and found myself frequently taking a little sniff of my nails to see if the fragrance was still there - even after a couple of days and lots of hand washing, it was! 

There's also a fun new rainbow top coat called microdots.  It gives a lovely random dotty effect to your nails as it's made up of five different shades of round glitter.  Here I'm wearing two coats over the top of coconut cream.  Two coats gives quite a generous smothering of dots, so one coat would be plenty for a more subtle effect.  I like how this gives a similar look to a dotty manicure that you could spend ages creating with a dotting tool, but without any of the hassle or effort.  

And finally, the polish I'd been waiting for - the Models Own hypergel collection now includes a clear topcoat!  I really like the hypergel polishes, but it's great that I can now give the same super glossy shine to other nail colours too.  Here I'm wearing Models Own's pukka purple from their neon collection topped with the clear hypergel top coat.  It gives the colour a slightly plumper experience and makes it extremely shiny.  It's not the fastest drying topcoat - so not one for when you have to be straight out the door, but I certainly think it's worth the drying time for such a lovely glossy finish.  

The hypergel colour collection has also been expanded with some hot new pink and red shades for summer.

All of these new releases are available now at modelsownit.com - will you be picking any of these up?



  1. wow.....they all look so pretty dear.....xoxoxo....^_^


  2. It's impressive how long the scent stays! I woulnd't have thought that it works at all, but if it does, that's really nice. :) My favourite is definitely the top coat! It gives such a nice shine.

  3. I love the coconut and the peach color, perfect shades for the summer :)
    xxx Marina

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